Missing Alabama Teenager’s Body Was Found, He Told His Mother Someone Was Trying To Kill Him

Police have located the body of a 19-year-old male from Alabama who went missing last weekend. Shortly before going missing he had told his mother, by phone, that someone was trying to kill him.

Jacob Hawkins, the brother’s victim, has confirmed that the remains were of his brother.

Jacob told investigators it was 21-year-old Adam Reese, his brother’s friend, who murdered him. The police have not released any detailed regarding what Reese has been charged with. However, they did confirm he was taken into custody on a warrant that was not related to this case.

Saturday around 8PM was the last time the 19-year-old was heard from when he called his mother and told her that someone was trying to kill him.

According to the Jacob, police have yet to reveal how the 19-year-old died.

“We don’t know anything yet,” a sobbing Jacob explains. “He was such an amazing person. He played guitar and wrote music. He could sing. He was just a fun-loving, free spirit who was perfect in every way. He was kind, generous, humble. We’re devastated.”



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