Supernatural Season 11 Episode 14: The Vessel Recap

Supernatural recap Season 11

Caution: This article contains spoilers for Supernatural that aired on Wednesday February 17, 2016.

The trailer for this week’s Supernatural had already hinted that time travel was going to take place. What it also showed was that Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard were also going to be back. They had been missed the last two weeks.

The Nazis Return

It has been a while since there was an episode with the Nazis, but they were back this week. When the trailer showed Dean on a World War II submarine, it was clear that this would have to happen.

This week’s episode started back in 1943 with a Nazi soldier on the phone. A French woman, Delphine, who I initially thought was linked to the French resistance, appeared and took an interest in a box that the Nazi had. Acting as his lover, she looked into the box and commented about how something was real. I got the instant question “what’s in the box,” as she shut it and killed the Nazi solider.

It turned out that the weapon was going to be the Hand a God—more like a Hand of God. The Nazis wanted it to win the war, but Dean and Sam wanted it to kill Amara. The brothers find a book in the bunker that they need to use their version of Google translate to find out what happened to the Hand of God (and Delphine). They find out Delphine was on a submarine back to America when it was sunk by a German ship. The Hand of God went missing and it led to no other option but to time travel.

Supernatural E14 Delphine

Lucifer Takes Over Hell

Meanwhile, down in Hell in the present day, Lucifer has taken over as king. The demons are doing everything to please him, but he is too busy playing on his iPad. Demons are struggling with lack of direction, but they cannot help make a dig at how Crowley was a poor leader.

That leads to Crowley making a noise from somewhere in the room. Lucifer has him tied up in a cage, dressed in cargo pants and a blue shirt and t-shirt combo. He is now Hell’s pet, and it seems like Rowena really is dead and gone.

Later, Lucifer does let Crowley out. The whole reason Lucifer is doing nothing right now is because he cannot beat Amara. He needs more power, and that links his storyline to the Winchester’s. When they call, they tell him about the Hand of God and he takes on his Castiel persona to get them to tell him everything they know.

Despite Castiel technically not being able to help, Lucifer tells Dean that he will time travel him there. Sam is against it, especially the idea of Dean going alone. After all, Dean will be on a strict timeline with the submarine about to sink within the hour. Sam is also worried about messing around with history, but Lucifer does not care. He wants his own hands on the Hand of God, knowing that it will kill Amara and give him total power.

Dean Time Travels to 1943

Dean is taken to 1943 but Lucifer is not with him. It turns out the ship has been warded against supernatural beings, with a strange symbol never seen before. Lucifer turns back up at the bunker drenched, after dropping himself in the ocean. Dean does get to Delphine.

For once, there is not a huge discussion to get Delphine to believe Dean that he is from the future. It may help that when he is arrested and searched they find a cell phone on him. It may also help that he comes straight out with the truth about being part of the Men of Letters but from the future. She trusts him and tells him all about the Hand of God; more like part of the Ark of the Covenant.

While they discuss the Hand of God and its power, Dean is regularly questioned by a sailor tasked with guarding him. This is one of my favorite parts, as he asks for information from the future; more importantly, who wins the 1944 World Series. Dean makes up a team but then admits that he does not follow baseball. He has to get the boy to stop asking questions, while he works with Delphine to get the Hand of God and hopefully save them from the Germans.

Supernatural E14 Crowley

Sam Finds Out About Lucifer

This is a storyline that could have been dragged out for a bit more of Season 11 of Supernatural. Instead, Sam quickly learns that Castiel is really Lucifer. It all comes because of a spell he finds to help remove the warding from the outside. The spell needs one important ingredient: the power of an archangel.

As Sam looks for another option, Lucifer takes the book and starts on the spell. Sam, still believing this is Castiel, offers up his soul to offer Castiel some extra power. It is in that moment that Lucifer finally breaks, turning crazy-eyed, to tell Sam that he is really Lucifer. As he is just about to kill Sam, Castiel fights to take over his body. He has just enough time to explain why he did this; they need Lucifer to kill Amara.

Supernatural E14 Dean

Dean Has to Kill Delphine

Delphine destroys the warding, just as the Germans attack. However, Dean soon learns that the symbol he saw was not the only one. She warded herself and tells Dean he needs to kill her. This is not like any normal branding. It is a spell linked to her own blood, and she needs to die for the spell to die. Could this be something that comes up at a later date? There is usually a bigger reason for a new symbol or fact to be shared.

Dean hesitates to kill Delphine and it gives the Nazis the chance to attack, as they originally did. They soon learn that the Nazi ship is controlled by Delphine’s former lover, who is not as dead as she expected.

There is only one way to get Dean off the submarine and for the sailors to take out a German ship with their own death. She needs to touch the Hand of God. Earlier on, she did say how any mortal would be fully consumed by the Hand of God, so this is clearly going to end with her sacrifice. I like this better than Dean having to do the job, since he would carry that guilt with him forever.

Within the split second of the submarine blowing up, Lucifer gets Dean back and they end up back in 2016. It is then that Dean finds out Castiel is really Lucifer, and he only sent Dean back to get hold of the Hand of God. While Lucifer shares his feelings about the Winchesters and grabs the Hand of God, Sam has the chance to draw the angel-expelling symbol with his blood. However, he finishes it after Lucifer grabs the Hand of God and nothing happens. It turns out that it was a one-time-only deal. With Lucifer looking in dismay, Sam sends him away.

The last few minutes is a normal brotherly moment, with Dean realizing that all the sailors and Delphine died in vain. However, he does ask about the German ship. It turns out that it did go down, after all. Delphine’s sacrifice was not completely in vain, and it does put a smile on Dean’s face.

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