“Face Off”: The Gauntlet!

Face Off

This week on “Face Off” the remaining artists must run the gauntlet – three stages of challenges that will task all of their skills.

The eight artists meet McKenzie in the lab where she stands next to four TV monitors. McKenzie tells the artists that their metal as an artist is about to be put to the test with the gauntlet. The top looks for each of the first two stages will be safe and will not have to compete in succeeding levels…in fact, they will earn a night on the town.

Stage one featured a nautical challenge. Choosing from one of four ships and captains already decked out, the artists were challenged to create their own captain that was inspired by one of the ships. The added element for this challenge was to hand lay a beard. The artists had two hours to complete the challenge.

“Face Off” judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page judged all of the challenges.

Glenn named Walter and Melissa as the top looks for stage one. The duo was free to leave and go home to get ready for their night on the town.

Stage two of the gauntlet came out of Pandora’s Box. The six artists were challenged to create order out of chaos. Each artist was told to choose a box; inside the boxes were some prosthetics that the artists were to use on their models…BUT the artists cannot use those prosthetics in the way they were originally intended. The top looks for stage two are Rob and Robert who will be joining Walter and Melissa for a night out at the Castaway restaurant.

McKenzie tells the four remaining artists to go home and get some rest because they are going to need it for what they have in store for the third stage of the gauntlet.

When the artists come into the lab the next morning, they find McKenzie standing in front of a red curtain. Telling the artists that it will be their most challenging stage yet.

When the curtain drops the four artists find 12 models in groups of three. Representing the expression hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil; the artists must create a horrific makeup that embodies the phrase.

The artists have four hours with an additional hour of last looks to complete the challenge before the reveal.

Having trouble creating a concept, Yvonne falls way behind and is concerned about getting her models done in time. Kaleb had to change his original concept after not finding appropriate costumes for his idea.

After the reveal, the judges spoke with each of the artists about their work…
Yvonne produced an impressive makeup that was beautifully blended and had the perfect ensemble with a spectacular wardrobe. The judges said the characters felt like they had stepped out of a story.

Anna’s makeup looked bizarre and nothing matched, felt spotty, and didn’t have negative spaces. The judges said the zombies didn’t look like zombies.

Kaleb’s concept was confusing and felt non demonstrative. The makeup was a bit messy and didn’t fulfill the challenge. Glenn referred to the makeup as a David Bowie “Rocky Horror Picture Show” and felt substandard.

Mel’s creation had such focused vision with fine details, was well thought out, very cohesive, with fantastic colouring. Neville called the makeup evocative, emotional, and creative with beautiful work.

Saying that she killed it tonight with a makeup that was so well done, Glenn named Mel as the winner of the third stage in the gauntlet.

Saying that the vision was not well communicated, Glenn named Kaleb as the eliminated artist.

Next week…”mirror, mirror on the wall.”

photo by Sherrill Fulghum

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