Catfish The TV Show Season 5 Premiere Recap and Review

MTV couldn’t have picked a better scenario to open with an episode featuring three men including Dejay, Malik, and Josiah. Nev and Max end up getting two catfish for the price of one when they find out Dejay and Malik are being catfished by the same guy. This episode does a pretty incredible job of showing just how explosive and sparky a love triangle can be.

Note: The rest of this article will contain spoilers!

The episode opens with Nev enlightening us to the fact that he has decided not to wear underwear anymore. I’m not sure how other fans feel about the series but I, to some degree, have always thought Nev and Max would make an adorable couple. It isn’t because I see them as homosexual or anything. Just because they seem completely comfortable with each other and have a truly beautiful friendship.

Coming from someone who has seen every episode of this series (including the untold stories where they retold stories they were not able to catch in real time) I can tell you it is refreshing that they are still able to hit fans with a twist on catfishing they have not shown us yet. You would think after five seasons the stories would get boring or you would feel like you were watching the same thing over and over again. Catfish and MTV does an incredible job of picking some unique and interesting stories to tell.

This episode tells the story of not one, but two men who are being catfished by the same person. Dejay has been talking to a man named Josiah for seven years and is madly in love with him. Malik has been talking to him for five years and is just as in love with him. It is fairly obvious Josiah is the same person though he tells slightly different stories to the two men. For example, Dejay knows he is an RN while Malik has never heard him talk about wanting to work in the medical field. Malik, on the other hand, knows he has a child. However, Dejay did not know this information.

What also makes this episode interesting is the fact that Josiah ends up actually being who he says he is. Initially, he lied about who he was (in the pictures) to Dejay. But, he did come clean and show Dejay a real picture of himself. While the episode never makes it clear, I’m assuming Malik had gotten real pictures of Josiah from the beginning.

We find out that Josiah has a boyfriend. He has had the boyfriend or two years and he is just hiding his relationship with these two men from his boyfriend. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume this is why he wouldn’t let Nev, Max, and the two guys come to Philly. Instead, he came to meet them where they were.

Josiah has no intention of leaving his boyfriend and makes it clear that he wanted some kind of relationship with these two men, but would be staying with his boyfriend. Malik wants nothing to do with anyone and ends up blocking and cutting everyone off. He refuses to talk to anyone about what happened. Dejay stays in touch with Josiah and implied the two may have hooked up after the show. Josiah tells Nev and Max a few months after the show that he and his boyfriend are still going strong. He told his boyfriend everything and they are still together.

They did a great job opening this season with a really interesting season premiere. I look forward to seeing what other kind of romantic entanglements come with season 5 of this series. Did you watch the episode? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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