The Child-Friendly Search Engine Kiddle is NOT a Google Spinoff and NOT Completely Child-Friendly

The child-friendly search engine Kiddle is not a Google spinoff as many have been mistaking it for since it was established.

Recently, a new website called surfaced. It promised to be a child-friendly search engine to make browsing the internet safe for children. The new search engine has caused an uproar of concerns and confusion as a number of news outlets mistakenly reported the search engine was a Google spinoff catered towards younger users.

Unfortunately, parents took the information reported by major news outlets and welcomed as if it were “Google for children”. is not associated with Google in any way and just utilizes Google’s Custom Search bar to filter out inappropriate material. Unfortunately, many users have taken to Twitter and other social medias to report that the search engine does a less than satisfactory job filtering out information parents do not want their children seeing.

Kiddle has been contacted by a number of media outlets for a response, but they have yet to respond.

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