The Voice: Season 10 Premiere

The Voice

“The Voice” has reached season number 10!

The ongoing “bromance” between Blake Shelton and Adam Levine continues as the two coaches settle in for another season. Pharrell Williams is also returning but Gwen is taking this season off and original female coach Christina Aguilera returns to the big red chair.

Blake compared the blind auditions to Christmas morning – you never know what you’re going to get.

Getting the season 10 blind auditions started off is Miami native and dancer Paxton Ingram with “Dancing on My Own”. After the first measure Blake noted it was good and in the next measure became the first coach to turn his chair. At the end of the song Adam and Pharrell pushed their buttons at the same time. Christina said, “I missed out”. Paxton said that his greatest musical influence is Michael Jackson. Blake said that he never heard greatness so fast. Saying that they all should be pushing their buttons, Pharrell said that Paxton has a great voice. A moved Adam said that Paxton was absolutely brilliant vocally. While Paxton said that he would love to work with Pharrell in his video package, Paxton chose Blake to be his coach.

Caity Peters performed “Jealous” and got Christina and Pharrell to push their buttons after the first few phrases. It took Adam and Blake until the end of the song to make it a four chair turn. After the performance Pharrell went up on stage to give Caity a hug. Christina called the performance beautiful. Pharrell noted that the intensity that Caity has is what the show is all about. Adam called Caity really different and special; adding that her performance was heart wrenchingly beautiful. Adam said that Caity is on the cusp of greatness. Blake said that Caity is in the middle of something great; adding that the key to winning the show is about being the best of what you want to be. Caity chose Pharrell to be her coach.

Former professional ballet dancer and father Nick Hagelin performed one of Adam’s own songs – “Lost Stars” and had Christina hooked early. Blake and Pharrell waited until the very last second to push their buttons. Adam later noted that while the performance was really good, he had his own version stuck in his head. Adam was flattered that Nick picked his song. Christina said that she believed in Nick’s voice from the very beginning; adding Nick’s voice is soft and beautiful. Blake noted that he heard a little Prince in Nick’s voice; adding that his voice would record incredibly. Calling him the Quincy Jones of our generation, Nick chose Pharrell to be his coach.

Seventeen year old high school senior Maddie Poppe chose the “Dog Days are Over” for her audition but failed to turn any chairs. She noted in her video package that she would love to work with Adam the most; Adam swapped places with her and stood on stage while she sat in his chair. Christina noted that Maddie has a strong voice. Pharrell noted that she would benefit from practicing her scales so that she would be much better when she came back.

Mary Sarah performed the classic “Where the Boys Are” for her audition and got Adam to push his button early; Pharrell and Blake joined in later, and Christina waited until the last second before making it a four chair turn. Adam said that her voice is so pure and powerful with a different feel. Christina noted that Mary’s vocals are undeniable and the performance was consistent. Saying that she has a different voice, Pharrell noted that Mary has a classic voice. Asking if she was from Houston, Blake said that he knew about Mary; adding that she sounded like she came from that era – of the song. Saying that she had to go with her gut, Mary chose Blake to be her coach.

During the breaks Adam imitates Blake.

Los Angeles transplant Mike Schiavo brought his guitar for his audition. Pharrell and Adam pushed their buttons very quickly and later Blake made it an all guy chair turn. Mike revealed that he grew up with Maroon 5. When asked what his favourite Maroon 5 song was, Mike answered “She Will Be Loved”. Christina got Adam to go on stage and perform the song with Mike…which he did. Adam called Mike a natural who gave an effortless performance. Pharrell said that Mike had a really crispy clean tone; adding for Mike not to let himself be Marooned and there are other numbers out there. Blake noted that if Mike wanted to do something really different… Mike chose Adam to be his coach.

Queen Sesse came out full on from the beginning but failed to turn any chairs. Christina noted that the opening note was crazy; adding her performance was fun and Sesse has a great voice; but Christina wanted to hear more textures to Sesse’s voice. Blake noted that Sesse was definitely an entertainer with so much energy but he wanted more finesse in her performance. Pharrell noted that he could hear her potential but wanted to hear more of her voice.

Returning from last season Bryan Bautista performed “The Hills” for his audition and this year got Christina to turn her chair – she wasn’t there last season – and at the end Blake also turned his chair. Christina was feeling the moment; adding that she believes in Bryan’s greatness. Pharrell remembered Bryan from last season. Adam noted that Bryan’s voice was unrecognizable from last season; adding there was a huge improvement. Blake was feeling it this season. Bryan chose Christina to be his coach.

Rochester, New York’s Abby Celso got Adam and Pharrell to turn their chairs. Adam noted that Abby could win the whole thing. Pharrel said that there is no one like Abby on the show; adding that she is a performer and an artist and saying that she has IT. Blake called Adam an amazing artist but also noted how many Grammy Awards Pharrell has won working with other artists. Abby chose Pharrell to be her coach.

Wearing a pair of blue suede shoes, John Gilman played his guitar and sang the Elvis Presley song “Don’t Be Cruel”; but only Adam turned his chair. Blake noted that he didn’t know why he didn’t turn his chair, but hoped Adam keeps going on the same path that John sang for his audition. Adam said that John earned serious points for doing Elvis. Adam noted that he has never had a rock-a-billy artist on his team.

The final audition of the night was a big surprise to everyone. Performing since she was three years old, Allison Porter has been on “Star Search” at age five, performed on Broadway, and is probably best known for her performance as Curly Sue performed the Linda Rondstadt hit “Blue Bayou”. All three of the guys pushed their buttons at the same time and Christina soon joined them for a four chair turn and brought the coaches to their feet at the end of the performance. Adam kissed her hand and gave her a hug; Christina went up on stage too. Blake noted that Allison is going to have so much fun on the stage. Pharrell asked with a voice like that, how did they ignore that she should be singing. Moved by her story, Christina said that people need to hear the hope; adding that Allison is unbelievably talented. A blown away Adam called it the most beautiful, passionate, nad pitch perfect thing he had ever heard; adding that Allison is going to win “The Voice”. Allison kept saying oh my gosh, but eventually chose Christina to be her coach.

“The Voice” returns with more blind auditions on Tuesday.

Team Blake:
Paxton Ingram
Mary Sarah

Team Pharrell:
Caity Peters
Nick Hagelin
Abby Celso

Team Adam:
Mike Schiavo
John Gilman

Team Christina:
Bryan Bautista
Allison Porter


photo by Sherrill Fulghum

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