‘General Hospital Spoilers’ Spoilers: Tracy Has Major Health Crisis, Franco Worries For Kiki


Health crisis for Tracy on General Hospital.

Tracy has had some sort of seizure while talking to Hayden Barnes at the end of Monday’s episode of General Hospital. Will she be okay? Take a look at what is coming up on Tuesday’s show (March 1).

Kiki has not woken up since she was shot last week and Ava is not the only one who is afraid for her life. Franco has been fretting as well and on Tuesday, he will be by Kiki’s bedside begging her to be okay. Her life is still in danger and she may never walk again and Franco treats her like his daughter, so he is very worried about her. Will this come in between his relationship with Nina?

At the hospital, Jordan has a chat with Ava about the gun deal that led to her daughter’s shooting. Now that the chaos is over, Julian and Alexis are seen in the General Hospital previews enjoying their honeymoon bliss. Julian doesn’t seem to be too worried about his sister or niece at the moment. He is a little absorbed in just being happy.

There is a lot of action at Shriner’s Children’s Hospital right now with Jason, Elizabeth, Sam, and Nikolas. Sam has arrived to visit and Liz is about to get an eyeful that she may not be expecting. How will she handle the growing affections that Jason seems to be having for Sam? Also, look for Franco to pay a visit to Shriner’s and will be a comfort to Liz, as noted by We Love Soaps.

Nik also questions Sam on her investigation into his new wife Hayden. It has not yet been revealed if Sam has gotten any info into Hayden’s past. The shooting at her mother’s wedding seems to have deterred her for a bit. Nik is more than anxious to get the dirt on his wife.

Speaking of Hayden, she is dealing with Tracy who is in real crisis. She is having a seizure at The Floating Rib and needs help. It’s a good thing that Dr. Munro is there and runs over to give his assistance. Is Tracy having a stroke or is something else up?

Stay tuned for more General Hospital spoilers, news, and updates.

Photo by General Hospital Preview/YouTube.

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