The Voice: The Battle Begin

The Voice

It’s the final night for the blind auditions on “The Voice”. And in a music packed night, the battle rounds will begin immediately after all of the teams have been filled.

There are only five spots remaining to fill the teams – Pharrell has two spots but Christina, Adam, and Blake have only one more spot open.

As in seasons past, the coaches have brought in some special mentors to lend a hand in preparing the singers for their battles.
Pharrell brought in Sean “P Diddy” Combs
Blake brought in Gwen Stefani
Adam brought in Tori Kelly
and Christina brought in Patti Labelle

And the steal returns!

The coaches get the night of music started off with a performance of Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish”; Pharrell was behind the drums for the performance.

Joplin, Missouri’s Jared Harder performed the Kacey Musgrave’s song “Merry Go Round” for his audition. It took him a bit but Blake became the first coach to complete his team when he turned his chair around for Jared. Christina, couldn’t be a better match. After asking about Joplin, Blake said it was a great song choice.

Moushumi chose the Chris Isaak song “Wicked Game” for her audition. After about three notes Blake yelled, “push your button.” Christina and Adam did right after that and Pharrell made it unanimous shortly thereafter. Blake called the performance amazing; adding that he would have hit his button in a heartbeat. Blake said that she is worth fighting for. Christina said that Moushumi has a beautiful voice; adding that she has only one more sport on her team and was waiting for something truly special. Pharrell said that it was crazy the way Moushumi navigated around the tsong and made it her own. Adam said that her voice was so unique. Moushumi chose Pharrell to be her coach.

After a series of clips that failed to turn any chairs; Katie Basden chose the Allman Brothers hit “Midnight Rider” for her audition and got Adam and Pharrell to push their buttons very quickly. Christina joined them on the last note. Blake said that she sounded amazing. Pharrell liked her voice from the instant he heard it. Christina said Katie has a powerful voice. After noting that he had only one spot left, he said that Katie has so much potential. Katie chose Adam to be her coach and finished filling his team.

Country boy Jonathan Hutcherson was born hearing impaired but hopes that he can be one of the last two singers on the show. After toying with the idea for a bit and some encouragement from Adam, Pharrell pushed his button and filled his team with Jonathan. Have only one spot that you are occupying, very glad. Adam noted that Jonathan has a way to connect with a song.

Only Christina has a spot left on her team.

After a few clips of singers that didn’t quite fit what Christina was looking for until Ayanna Jahnee gave her performance of “Skyfall” and impressed Christina enough to push her button one last time. Christina called Ayanna her dream come true. Christina called Ayanna the perfect ending for filling her team.

Team Blake:
Paxton Ingram
Mary Sarah
Adam Wakefield
Angie Keilhauer
Brittany Kennell
Peyton Parker
Gina Castanzo
Trey O’Dell
Justin Whisnant
Brittney Lawrence
Teresa Guidry
Jared Harder

Team Pharrell:
Caity Peters
Nick Hagelin
Abby Celso
Joe Vivona
Emily Keener
Jonathan Bach
Hannah Huston
Brian Nhira
Jessica Crosbie
Maya Smith
Jonathan Hutcherson

Team Adam:
Mike Schiavo
John Gilman
Caroline Burns
Laith Al-Saadi
Katherine Ho
Natalie Yacovazzi
Nate Butler
Ryan Quinn
Own Danoff
Lily Green
Matt Tedder
Katie Basden

Team Christina:
Bryan Bautista
Allison Porter
Shalyan Fearing

Kata Hay
Lacy Mendigo
Malik Heard
Kristen Marie
Tamar Davis
Daniel Passino
Chelsea Gann
Joe Maye

Ayanna Jahnee

And the battles begin…

First up is team Adam’s Katie Basden and Ryann Quinn with “Maybe I’m Amazed” by Paul McCartney and Wings. Blake called the performance so good; adding that Katie’s voice keeps the body of her voice together. Calling it very impressive, Christina noted that it was gong to be a tough decision. Pharrell said that Katie’s voice is limitless and Ryan’s voice and feel of his performance matches his story. Adam noted that Ryan sings with heart and soul. Adam said that Ryan’s potential is limitless. Christina pushed her button to steal Katie and Blake joined her for the steal. Christina noted that it was the second time she had pushed her button for Katie. Saying that he loves her voice, Blake said that he felt Katie clearly won the battle. Katie chose Blake to be her new coach.

Blake chose Brittney Lawrence and Paxton Ingram for a battle of “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. Christina said that there was a lot of energy in the performance; adding that they had different voices but it worked for this song. Pharrell noted that Brittney wasn’t playing around but could have used some dynamics in her performance. Pharrell noted that Paxton was articulate in his performance. Adam said that Brittney has a pretty voice, but Paxton had attack. While Blake thought that Brittney had a powerful voice, he noted that Paxton was like a vocal nina. Blake chose Paxton as the winner of the battle. No one stole Brittney.

Christina paired returning singer Bryan Bautista and Malik Heard for a battle of the James Brown song “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World”. Host Carson Daly said, “that is how you battle;” adding the guys did an amazing job. Pharrell noted that the guys had everybody standing up; adding that they were amazing and there is nothing like the on the show. Adam said that both guys were on an even keel. Blake called it an absolutely incredible performance; adding that both guys were great. Christina noted that the guys had different voices and styles but they matched up in amazing ways. Telling the guys that she was the loser, Christina chose Bryan as the winner of the battle. But Malik will not be going home…he has a decision to make after all three of the remaining coaches pushed their buttons to steal Malik. Malik chose Pharrell to be his new coach.

Battle Winners and steals:
Team Adam:
Ryan Quinn

Team Blake:
Katie Basden
Paxton Ingram

Team Christina:
Bryan Bautista

Team Pharrell:
Malik Heard

photo by Sherrill Fulghum

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