Spoiler: The Walking Dead – Did Norman Reedus Just Leak Something Big?

One of the biggest topics of conversation regarding The Walking Dead this season has been about WHO is going to die in the season finale?  Now, not every season finale of The Walking Dead has a big character death but this year, we all know a few things.

  1. Negan is coming.
  2. Negan has a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire named Lucille.
  3. In the comics Negan kills Glenn.
  4. Several actors  have commented on the intensity of the finale – two of them mentioning how it made them sick to their stomachs.

So, there’s been a certain amount revealed.

Norman Reedus Walking Dead Spoilers

The big question has been, will they follow the comics and kill someone via Negan and Lucille and if they do – who will it be.

In the comics, Glenn is the one that dies. But Glenn has already had a near death this season.  Everyone thought he was a goner (of course, they hoped he wasn’t) but he came back from it and looks like he’s stronger than ever now.  So that leaves???

There are several names that have come up. Abraham, Carol, Michonne, Maggie – even Judith!  But one of the names that has come up most is Daryl Dixon.

Daryl doesn’t seem to have much of a story left to tell (so some say) and he wasn’t supposed to exist.  Norman Reedus originally auditioned for the role of Merle Dixon but the producers and directors loved Norman Reedus so much that they created a brother – Daryl – just so Norman could have a role in the show.

The role of Daryl was never supposed to continue for this long but fans loved him so they kept him in the script.

But he hasn’t had a lot of scenes in the past few seasons so people are speculating that Negan will kill Daryl.


Collider recently released this interview with Norman Reedus.  Reedus talks about a lot of different things during the interview (and it’s a great interview for any Norman Reedus fan) but the interesting part comes in at the end when he’s asked what he has planned for the future.

Reedus mentions a few acting things, his new show, Ride with Norman Reedus, some art stuff, and then he says, “…and then go back to The Walking Dead.” It’s a quick mention but it is definitely there.

The question is, will Norman Reedus be back on season 7 of The Walking Dead as current time Daryl Dixon, past Daryl Dixon, or maybe even as zombie Daryl Dixon?

Watch the video for yourself (go right to 12:55 if you don’t have time to watch it all right now):

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