International and U.S. Weather Forecast March 17, 2016

Weather-graphic-DVN-weather forecast Weather forecast March 17, 2016

Weather forecast March 17, 2016:  In the U.S., the jet stream will move south and snow will begin to fall across the U.S. from Denver to the Great Lakes region over the next few days.  Temperatures will warm up in Southern California.  It will be chilly in Great Britain.  Several phenomenal weather photos in this article.

U.S. Weather Forecast Temperatures for Major Cities:

Atlanta, GA: Hi 78 / Low 58 (stormy)

Chicago, IL: Hi 58 / Low 42

Dallas, TX: Hi 76 / Low 50

Los Angeles, CA: Hi 81 / Low 53

New York, NY: Hi 64 / Low 50

Portland, OR: Hi 54 / Low 34

International Weather Forecast Temperatures for Select Cities:

Beijing, China: Hi 63 / Low 43

London, GP: Hi 49 / Low 37

Sydney, Australia: Hi 76 / Low 68

Tokyo, Japan: Hi 58 / Low 40

Weather Photo of the Day:

With so many fascinating photos available today, here are two particularly outstanding selections:

U.S. Weather Forecast March 17, 2016:

The weather will continue to be stormy in the Southeast.  Temperatures will reach the 80s and be dry in Southern California.

Snow will begin falling in the area around Denver, Colorado on Thursday and will move east across the U.S. between now and Monday:

More images of where residents can expect to receive a spring snowfall:

International Weather Forecast March 17, 2016:

Here is the forecast for Great Britain in the coming days (temperatures in Celsius):

Below are the forecast temperatures for Europe on Thursday (in Celsius).

Parts of Northern Spain have experienced impressive amounts of snow this winter:

More Interesting Weather Related Stories:

The United Kingdom is taking aggressive action to dramatically reduce carbon emissions in the hope of slowing down global warming:


Photos and Twitter maps courtesy of WeatherChannel, CNNWeather and BBCWeather

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