Musical Notes – March 16

Musical Notes

This week’s Musical Notes contains news on a new boxed set from Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, and Emmylou Harris; new music from Rachael Sage, The Eagles, Rush. Pearl Jam, and Adele.

In 1987 Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, and Emmylou Harris won two Grammy Awards for their album “Trio”.

Now the three women, who have 28 Grammy Awards between them, are set to release a “Trio” boxed set that will feature the original award winning “Trio”, the Grammy winning“Trio II”, and an extra album of previously unreleased and rare tracks. “The Complete Trio Collection” will be out in time for the holiday shopping season on September 9.

The songs included in the “Trio” set are:
“The Pain of Loving You”
“Making Plans”
“To Know Him is to Love Him”
“Hobo’s Meditation”
“Telling Me Lies”
“My Dear Companion”
“Those Memories of You”
“I’ve Had Enough”
“Rosewood Casket”
“Farther Along”
“Lover’s Return”
“High Sierra”
“Do I Ever Cross Your Mind”
“After the Gold Rush”
“The Blue Train”
“I Feel the Blues Movin’ In”
“You’ll Never Be the Sun”
“He Rod All the Way to Texas”
“Feels Like Home”
“When We’re Gone, Long Gone”
“Even Cowgirls Get the Blues”
“Mr. Sandman”

With alternate versions of “Wildflowers”, “Lover’s Return”, “My Dear Companion”, “Making Plans”, “I’ve Had Enough”, “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind”, and “Farther Along”.

And the previously unreleased songs “Waltz Across Texas Tonight”, “Softly and Tenderly”, “Pleasant as May”, “My Blue Tears”, “Grey Funnel Line”, “You Don’t Knock”, “Where Will the Words Com From”, “Are You Tired of Me”, “Handful of Dust”, “Calling My Children Home”, and “White Snow”.

Rachael Sage:
Independent music artist Rachael Sage has seen her music appear in films – “Fame” – and on television shows – “Dance Moms”. Noting that her music is popular with lyrical dancers, Sage is releasing an entire album of music she calls “ballet-pop”. Currently available for pre-order at PledgeMusic, “Choreographic” will be out on May 20.

A portion of the sales from pre-orders on PledgeMusic will go to the charity Stomp Out Bullying!; along with access to exclusive music goodies.

Choreographic” is Sage’s 13th album for the four time Independent Music Award winner. A mult instrumentalist, Sage was first introduced to music via the dance floor when she attended The School of American Ballet when she was a child.

The tracklisting for “Choreographic”:
“Heaven (is a Grocery Store Clerk)”
“Try Try Try”
“Home (Where I am Now)”
“I Don’t Believe it”
“French Doors”
“Clear Today”
“I’ve Been Waiting”
“Learn to Let You Go”
“Five Alarms”
“7 Angels”
“It Would Be Enough”
Bonus: “Home”
iTunes Bonus: “So Far Away”

As a part of the 58th annual Grammy Award ceremonies, the current lineup of The Eagles gathered with Jackson Browne to give an emotional performance of the Browne penned song and Eagles hit “Take it Easy”.

Now Eagles singer and drummer Don Henley is reporting that the special Grammy performance was the last for The Eagles.

Speaking on the event with BBC Radio 2 Henley said, “it’s been a great loss for a lot of us, and we’re still trying to cope with it. It was very difficult and very emotional. We actually almost didn’t do it, but he Grammy people were very insistent so we decided that we would do it. Henley added, “I think that was the final farewell. I don’t think you’ll see us performing again. I think that was probably it.”

One of the top selling artists in the US, The Eagles have racked up three Diamond Awards from the RIAA – Recording Industry Association of America – for selling at least 10 million copies of a single album –
“Eagles: Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975” with 29 million copies sold
“Hotel California” with 16 million copies sold
“Eagles Greatest Hits Volume II” with 11 million copies sold

The Eagles have sold over 150 million albums around the world in their 45 years of making music.

Over the past few years there have been a number of rumours regarding Canadian rockers Rush and whether or not they would break up. Ale Lifeson has confirmed that after over 40 years of touring, the band is not breaking up but are retiring from touring.

Lifeson says that drummer Neil Peart is no longer physically able to play the drums. Peart has chronic tendinitis.

Lifeson admits that he was disappointed about not being able to tour; and added that fellow Rush member Geddy Lee was also disappointed about not being able to tour but understands the reasons behind the decision.

Not giving anything away, Lifeson hints that there may be another Rush studio album sometime in the future.

Lifeson is also suffering from arthritis.

Pearl Jam:
Every rocker – whether it be player or fan – knows what happens after prolonged exposure to loud music – a loss of hearing.

Pearl Jam has found a solution to aid in the reduction of that hearing loss – at least at their own concerts.

Teaming up with the Grammy Foundation charity organization MusiCares, Pearl Jam will be will be making ear plugs to every fan who attends their concerts during the upcoming tour.

The band is encouraging all fans to visit the MusiCares table at the concert venues and arm themselves with a limited edition pair of P J X MusiCares earplugs. Fans are further being encouraged to take selfies with the earplugs and post them online. Pearl Jam bass player spoke on said in a statement, “don’t be careless and lazy at loud rock shows or cranking tunes through an old Walkman like I was thirty years ago (but boy did it all sound good). Wear hearing protection or you’ll end up with a 1.5k ring in both ears every night when you go to bed or worse when you are trying to enjoy the serene quiet of an empty desert or forest, again like me.”

The tour begins in Florida on April 8.

British pop princess Adele missed the deadline for the 2016 Grammy Awards when she released her album “25” late last year; but other music awards are taking notice. However, the album will be eligible for Grammy nominations for inclusion in the 59
th annual awards gala.

sed the nominees for their annual awards gala and Adele topped the list with four nominations – Album of the Year, Best International Female Artist, Hit of the Year, and Best Song for “Hello”.

The British star is the only artist listed in the Best Album category.

Fellow British star David Bowie also earned an Echo Award nomination for his final album “Blackstar”.

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