Legalize MMA – It Is Safer than Boxing


MMA cage match

Let’s be honest; the reason that MMA has not been legalized in some states and countries yet is due to the fact that people see it as a brutal, blood sport. The issue is this: people are uninformed and make assumptions without knowing the full range of the sport. These fighters are true athletes, those officiating are top trained referees, and for the most part, intelligent sanctioning bodies oversee all events.

In the United States and Canada, there have been congressmen and politicians that have complained without understanding the safety of the sport; yet there are other sports that have a track record for being even more brutal than MMA. Let us look at the closest sport to it—boxing—as an example. According to the Journal of Combative Sports, there have been 1,300+ deaths in the sport of boxing since the late 1800’s.

In the sport of MMA, there have been only three deaths, and two out of the three were in unsanctioned events outside of the United States and Canada. The third death led officials to find reports of preexisting injuries that ultimately led to the death of the fighter. So, if it is safety they are worried about, the numbers don’t lie: 1300 to 3. That is a pretty significant difference.

In Canada, the only argument to stand on is Section 83 of the laws:
83 (1) Engaging in prize fight
83 (1) Every one who
(a) engages as a principal in a prize fight,
(b) advises, encourages or promotes a prize fight, or
(c) is present at a prize fight as an aid, second, surgeon, umpire, backer or reporter, is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.

It is absurd that we allow boxing matches, but not MMA. Think about this: many MMA matches end by submission, without even a punch being thrown. In MMA, if a fighter cannot intelligently defend himself, the fight is stopped. In boxing the fighter gets a 10 second count to regain consciousness, only to be knocked out again! So why do we allow legalization of boxing and not MMA?

Perhaps it’s time for governing authorities to take a long, hard look at how things truly are before jumping to conclusions.

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