Plane Crash at Rostov-on-Don Kills 62

The crash of a Boeing 737 jet airliner flying in from Dubai has killed 62 people in a failed landing attempt at Russia’s Rostov-on-Don airport. The plane had missed its first approach and was coming in for a second landing pass when its tail hit the ground accidentally, causing the plane to explode.

plane crash

fredyalem / Pixabay

The 62 dead consisted of 55 passengers, all or most of whom are believed to have been Russian citizens returning from Dubai, and seven crew members of foreign extraction. Following the crash, emergency teams were dispatched to the Rostov-on-Don airstrip to put out the fire, which is now reported to be under control. Flights scheduled to leave the airport were delayed,  while inbound flights were rerouted to the airport at Krasnodar. At this time, no conclusive reports have detailed the cause of the incident, though poor visibility conditions were reported by a Russian source. The incident is thought to have been accidental, rather than an intentional crash.


Russia’s government has launched an official investigation into the incident, though the debris field of the plane is now reported to be spread over a wide area. The plane apparently disintegrated during the explosion, completely destroying most of the body of the aircraft. More information is expected to come forward in coming hours.



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