International and U.S. Weather Forecast March 21, 2016

Weather-graphic-DVN-weather forecast March 21, 2016

Weather forecast March 21, 2016:  In U.S., rain on West Coast and snow in Northeast.  Warming temperatures in Central U.S.   In New Zealand, continuation of heavy rains.  See weather videos, maps and temperatures for U.S., Europe and Great Britain.

U.S. Weather Forecast Temperatures March 21, 2016:

Atlanta, GA: Hi 56 / Low 33

Chicago, IL: Hi 47 / Low 43

Dallas, TX: Hi 65 / Low 50

Los Angeles, CA: Hi 71 / Low 53

New York, NY: Hi 51 / Low 34

Portland, OR: Hi 54 / Low 43 (occasional rain)

International Weather Forecast Temperatures for Select Cities:

Beijing, China: Hi 68 / Low 45

London, GP: Hi 53 / Low 38

Sydney, Australia: Hi 69 / Low 62 (showers)

Tokyo, Japan: Hi 53 / Low 36

Weather Video of the Day:

This fox looks like he is trying to take a swim in the snow.  In reality, he is just hunting for his next meal:

U.S. Weather Forecast March 21, 2016:

Rain will be moving onshore from Washington State down to central California.  Some models show that Southern California may get a little rain; other models show the precipitation staying north of Los Angeles:

On the East Coast, the snow that has been moving across the country will hit the Northeast on Sunday and continue to fall through Monday:

Temperatures will be warming up in the center of the country on Monday and Tuesday.

By midweek, expect more severe storms in the Eastern half of the U.S.

International Weather Forecast March 21, 2016:

New Zealand has experienced heavy rain the past few days, and it is expected to continue until midweek:

This video shows the waves of rain that will pass over Great Britain and Europe over the coming week:

Here are samples of the temperatures in London and a few cities in Europe for Monday and Tuesday:

More Interesting Weather Related Stories:

Hail, high winds and violent storms have created dangerous circumstances for both humans and animals over the past week in the U.S., as shown in the two pictures below:


Photos and Twitter maps courtesy of WeatherChannel, CNNWeather and BBCWeather

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