Brussels Bombings: Police Search for Suspected Attacker, ISIS Claims Responsibility

ISIS has now claimed responsibility for the Brussels bombings that happened Tuesday morning. Police have CCTV footage of a suspected attacker, and is now looking for him.

ISIS claimed through Amaq, it’s affiliated news agency, that it is responsible for the Brussels attacks. It previously claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks in November last year. The terrorist groups claims that fighters had belts with a series of bombings, and that attackers had also open fired on innocent people. This was the latest of a series of terror attacks in Europe.

The police are now on the hunt for three men captured on CCTV. They believe these men, heeling baggage trolleys through Zaventem airport, are responsible for the attacks at rush hour on Tuesday morning. At least 31 people have now been confirmed dead, with 230 injured.

Police believe that the two men with gloved hands had detonators concealed within, and that at least one bomb was a suicide attack. They continue to search for any other possible explosives, already coming across one device that had nails, chemicals and the ISIS flag during a house raid.

Belgium has since raised its terror alert to its highest level, indicating that more attacks are possible. All flights have been suspended or diverted, and that is expected to remain like that until at least Wednesday morning. The Eurostar and Thalys trains have also been cancelled, with the metro system shut down. Airports around the world have tightened their security.

Prime Minister Charles Michel has announced the country will take part in three days of mourning. The world has joined in solidarity, as it did after the Paris attacks. The UK foreign office recommends people refrain from travelling unless necessary as a safety precaution.

More house raids are expected to take place as police search for the suspects. A similar thing happened after the Paris attacks, leading to the deaths of numerous suspected terrorists, including the first suspected female terrorist.

Image from CNN tweet included above

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