German Police Arrest Terror Suspects

German police have arrested three terror suspects on the motorway between Salzburg and Munich on Tuesday night. They may have been involved in the Brussels bombings earlier that day.

The three men are believed to have travelled from Brussels, but the Office of Criminal Police of Bavaria states that there is not enough evidence to link the two right now. Inquiries continue, as the three men were travelling in a car with a Brussels number plate. It has now been shared that the arrests happened before the Brussels attacks, so unlikely to be directly connected.

Earlier, police in Amsterdam had arrested three men near the central station. Officers fired warning shots before the arrests, but have since confirmed that they were drug-related and not terror-related arrests.

Before that, there were arrests in Turkey and Italy. Three men were arrested in Turkey suspected of planning an attack in Istabul, and another 10 were arrested for possibly being linked to ISIS in southern Turkey. Three different addresses were raided in the process of finding the men, a mixture of Turkish, Syrian and Iraqi nationalities. An Iraqi was arrested in Italy, close to Napels, but it is unclear whether he was connected to the Paris attacks.

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