Suicide Bomber Suspected in Brussels Explosions

At least one of the two explosions in Brussels is suspected to be the work of a suicide bomber, Belgium’s federal prosecutor confirmed on Tuesday. Details of the three explosions are still being shared.

During rush hour on Tuesday morning, Belgium’s capital Brussels was rocked by three explosions; two at the airport and one on the metro. A second bomb at the metro has since been found and will be destroyed through a controlled explosion. The number of people killed and injured is still being updated, but at the time of writing this there are 31 dead and 81 injured confirmed between the two locations, but the number is constantly changing.

The metro station at Maalbeck suffered the largest number of casualties due to the smaller location. The bomb was on one of the older, smaller trains in the middle carriage to cause the most damage. The airport suffered the first attack, with the two bombs exploding in quick succession. One of the bombs was reportedly in Departure Hall 1, where American Airlines staff are; none of them were hurt during the attack.

Terror alerts in Brussels have risen to Level 3, leading to some people suggesting that the level was not high enough in the first place. Some suggest that this is a revenge attack after the events that happened last year in Paris, after Salah Abdeslam, a Paris terror suspect, was arrested last week. Interior minister Jan Jambon suggested that jihadis could counter-attack after the arrest. Others have blamed Europe and the current level of refugees and migrants crossing borders.

Flights in and out of the city and the Eurostar to Brussels have been cancelled. Facebook added its safety checker, after two hours of anger from users for it not being available. While it had been used for natural disasters in the past, the Paris bombings and shootings were the first time it was used for a terrorist attack. It is used for people to alert friends and family members that they are safe if they live, work or travel in the area.

Belgian’s prime minister, Charles Michel, says that the main concern is other prominent locations for further attacks. When London was hit with a series of bombs in 2007, terrorists attacked a week later but not with the same devastation. Michel wants to ensure the public is safe from any possible future threats.

The UK has since stepped up its security in both train stations and airports. Republican party leader candidate Ted Cruz expressed his sympathies for the families, while criticizing President Obama for his lack of willingness to take down all terrorists.

Featured image from Twitter: ABC tweet included above

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