Brussels Attack Suspects Identified and Named

Brussels attackers

The three suspects in the Brussels attacks on Tuesday morning have been identified and named as Khalid and Brahim Bakraoui and Najim Laachraoui. The three were spotted on CCTV checks after the events.

The Bakraoui brothers have been named as the two suicide bombers, and were known by the Belgian authorities for their involvement in organized crime but have never been linked to terrorism in the past. They were the two men dressed in black with gloves on their left hands in the CCTV footage. Their fingerprints had been found in a rented flat over a week ago, under a false name.

Laachraoui is of South African descent and a manhunt is underway and he has since been arrested according to reports. He was dressed in white with a hat on the CCTV, making it difficult to see his face. It is currently unknown whether his bomb failed to detonate or whether he was part of overseeing the plan.

His fingerprints were spotted at both Brussels and Paris sights, making authorities believe that he was involved in both attacks in the last four months. Prosecutors had learned of his name on Monday, when they found he had reportedly travelled to Turkey in September 2015 read for the Paris attacks with Salah Abdeslam.

Abdeslam is continuing to work with Belgian authorities. Some believe that his cooperation has led to the ISIS terrorists panicking. They have three options: wait for the police to arrest them, go back home or detonate their bombs.

There is still one unidentified suspect still at large, according to prosecutors. Others are believed to have been involved with the plot, too. One suspect, not yet confirmed as one of the named or unnamed, may have left his will in one of the trashcans. Authorities have now stated that Laacraoui has not been apprehended and the manhunt is still underway.

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