International and U.S. Weather Forecast March 24, 2016

Weather-graphic-DVN-weather forecast March 24, 2016

Weather forecast March 24, 2016:  Winter Storm Selene is roaring across the Upper Midwest, after dumping more than 7 inches of snow in the Denver area.  Interstates were shut down and the Denver airport was temporarily closed on Wednesday.  South of Winter Storm Selene, there are severe storms in the Southeast and a danger of grass fires in the Great Plains … with one already burning in Kansas.  Great Britain will get rain on Thursday, as will Italy in Southern Europe.  See photos, more temperatures and weather forecasts from select locations around the world.

U.S. Weather Forecast Temperatures March 24, 2016:

Atlanta, GA: Hi 72 / Low 48

Chicago, IL: Hi 45 / Low 30 (mix of rain and snow)

Dallas, TX: Hi 63 / Low 40

Los Angeles, CA: Hi 78 / Low 53

New York, NY: Hi 66 / Low 50

Portland, OR: Hi 54 / Low 42 (possible showers)

International Weather Forecast Temperatures for Select Cities:

Beijing, China: Hi 57 / Low 37

London, GP: Hi 51 / Low 42 (possible showers)

Sydney, Australia: Hi 77 / Low 64

Tokyo, Japan: Hi 50 / Low 37 (possible showers)

Weather Photo of the Day:

This is what the weather looked like in Denver yesterday.  People were stranded on the roads and the airport was closed:

U.S. Weather Forecast March 24, 2016:

A blizzard in and around Denver has left people stranded on the roads.  Severe storms occurred in Oklahoma.

The video below shows where to expect snow, and the amount, as Winter Storm Selene moves across the Upper Midwest between now and Friday:

South of Winter Storm Selene, there is extreme fire danger:

A fire is already raging across Kansas:

Violent storms in the Southeast could continue to create problems on Thursday morning:

Here’s the “Big Picture:”

International Weather Forecast March 24, 2016:

Here’s the Thursday forecast for Europe, including rain in Italy and a storm moving across parts of Great Britain:

Below is a close-up of the weather in Great Britain on Thursday:

Heavy rain in China pushed barges onto a bridge:

More Interesting Weather Related Stories:

Tired of winter?  Enjoy this charming video of a newborn giraffe learning to walk:


Photos and Twitter maps courtesy of WeatherChannel, CNNWeather and BBCWeather

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