Brussels Attacks Victim Mormon Missionary Mason Wells Survived Third Terrorist Attack

Most survivors of terrorist attacks county themselves very lucky, but one Brussels attacks victim Mormon Missionary Mason Wells has now survived three terrorist attacks. His family shared the news in a statement.

Mason Wells survived three terror attacks

The 19-year-old called his parents Chad and Kymberly Wells to say that he had been one of the victims in the Zaventem Airport bombings, but was safe. He even told them they did not have to come to Europe, but would also not stop them if they chose to. Mr. Wells said that he would be on the first plane to Paris available.

While he will remain in hospital for about a week, the doctors are optimistic about the burns to the right side of his head and his right hand. They will not likely scar. Wells is just happy to be alive.

According to an interview with ABC, Mr. and Mrs. Wells said that their son had been a victim in two other terrorist attacks. The first was the Boston Marathon bombing, where he was close to the finish line with his father.  Mason’s mother said that Chad had taken his son to the hotel room and Mason was “very calm and composed” during this time.

The second time was during the Paris attacks in November, which have been linked to the Brussels attacks through suspect Najim Laachraoui. His mother had always told him to be aware of his surroundings and the people around him. His parents have also said that his experience in the Boston bombings helped him remain calm after the Brussels attacks.

Mason has hopes of joining the U.S. Naval Academy. His family worry that his injuries may prevent him, but the main focus is to get back on their feet after this third terrorist attack.

Image from Twitter. Tweet included above.

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