International and U.S. Weather Forecast March 27, 2016

Weather-graphic-DVN-weather forecast March 27, 2016

Weather forecast March 27, 2016: The Eastern half of the U.S. will be wet on Easter Sunday, forcing a large number of Easter egg hunts indoors.  The rain will move to the Eastern seaboard on Monday, followed by a dip in the jet stream which will bring cold temperatures to the East.  See video of the gorilla Easter egg hunt at the Cincinnati zoo, as well as other weather videos and forecasts. 

U.S. Weather Forecast Temperatures March 27, 2016:

Atlanta, GA: Hi 72 / Low 56 (stormy)

Chicago, IL: Hi 47 / Low 36 (scattered showers)

Dallas, TX: Hi 66 / Low 41

Los Angeles, CA: Hi 75 / Low 56

New York, NY: Hi 59 / Low 45

Portland, OR: Hi 53 / Low 38 (scattered showers)

International Weather Forecast Temperatures for Select Cities:

Beijing, China: Hi 68 / Low 43

London, GP: Hi 52 / Low 45 (stormy)

Sydney, Australia: Hi 76 / Low 65

Tokyo, Japan: Hi 55 / Low 43

Weather Photo of the Day:

Enjoy this video of the gorilla Easter egg hunt at the Cincinnati zoo!

Meanwhile, in Colorado, the town of Littleton looks like a winter wonderland, after Winter Storm Selene struck there:

U.S. Weather Forecast March 27, 2016:

It looks like millions of Easter egg hunts will need to be held indoors on Easter Sunday, since the weather will be soggy for most of the eastern half of the country. On the other hand, the western U.S. will see lots of sunshine and fair weather.  The rainy weather will move along the eastern seaboard on Monday:

Here are the temperatures across the country on Easter Sunday:

April could start off with cold temperatures in the Easter half of the U.S.

International Weather Forecast March 27, 2016:

Storm Katie will be moving across Great Britain over Easter weekend. Here is the forecast for the country on Easter Sunday and Monday:

More Interesting Weather Related Stories:

Below is a graph which shows the number of heat related records that have been set so far in 2016:


Photos and Twitter maps courtesy of WeatherChannel, CNNWeather and BBCWeather

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