Third Brussels Attacks Terror Suspect Arrested in Belgium

The third Brussels attacks terror suspect has been arrested in Belgium. Federal prosecutors say that Faycal Cheffou was detained during a raid on Thursday, and been confirmed as the man in white on CCTV footage.

Brussels attacks terror suspects

The man in white was originally named as Najim Laachraoui, but Wednesday it was confirmed that he was one of the suicide bombers at the airport instead. The man in white continued to be an unknown terror suspect, until today when a warrant was put out for the arrest of Cheffou, according to Belgian media. The taxi driver who took the three men to the airport says he also believed the man in white was Cheffou.

This new suspect is a freelance journalist and is already known for his violence and involvement in drugs. He lived in a studio apartment in a building close to the metro station, and police spent five hours searching the property. While they had not found explosives or weapons, the had “found enough,” according to one resident in the building.

Cheffou was arrested during the raid, along with five other men. Others include Aboubakar A and Rabah N.

All have been connected to terrorist attacks either in Belgium or France. However, police need to be 100 percent certain, as these are serious crimes. They are being held on suspicion of “terrorist murder.” The Belgian authorities are still to confirm that Cheffou was the man in white on the CCTV footage.

Other reports suggest that the man in white is Mahammed Abrini. He has been linked to the organization of the Brussels attacks, which killed 31 people and injured at least 250 others.

The authorities have now finished at the crime scene in the airport, and it has passed back over to airport staff. However, flights will be affected until at least Tuesday. The structural safety of the building needs to be checked after the twin explosions. Flights will start at the soonest possible time, as 23.5 million passengers go in and out of the airport.

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