International and U.S. Weather Forecast April 2, 2016

Weather-graphic-DVN-weather forecast April 2, 2016

Weather forecast April 2, 2016:  The violent storms are disappearing, but there will be rain in many locations along the East Coast.  Along the northern border with Canada, temperatures will get colder and there will be areas of snow.  See more weather photos, videos and forecasts from around the world.

U.S. Weather Forecast Temperatures April 2, 2016:

Atlanta, GA:  Hi 68 / Low 43

Chicago, IL:  Hi 45 / Low 30

Dallas, TX:  Hi 70 / Low 45

Los Angeles, CA:  Hi 76 / Low 56

New York, NY: Hi 55 / Low 34 (showers)

Portland, OR:  Hi 68 / Low 44

International Weather Forecast Temperatures for Select Cities: 

Beijing, China:  Hi 66 / Low 46

London, GP:  Hi 56 / Low 47

Sydney, Australia:  Hi 86 / Low 68

Tokyo, Japan:  Hi 55 / Low 49 (morning shower)

Weather Photo of the Day:

A frightening photo of a tornado which touched down in Tulsa, OK a few days ago:

U.S. Weather Forecast April 2, 2016:

It will be cold across the northern part of the U.S., with rain for millions of people who live near the East Coast:

Here is the the weather forecast for North Florida, where there will be stormy weather on Saturday, including a tornado watch:

Below is the “Big Picture” for the U.S. between now and Monday.  Most of the active weather will be along the East Coast and in the Northeast:

International Weather Forecast April 2, 2016:

Here’s the weekend forecast for Great Britain:

Additional details on the weather in Great Britain on Saturday morning:

Traveling to Australia?  Here’s what to expect when you arrive … after they have experienced the hottest temperatures on record for the month of March:

The forecast for New Zealand on Saturday includes heavy rain and thunderstorms:



Photos and Twitter maps courtesy of WeatherChannel, CNNWeather and BBCWeather


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