‘The Originals’ Season 3 Episode 16: Alone With Everybody Recap

The Originals Season 3 recap

Caution: This article contains spoilers for The Originals from Friday April 1, 2016.

After taking a three week hiatus, The Originals returned this week to finish of Season 3. It picked up where the last episode left off, with Klaus on the run and Kol dealing with his urge for blood.

Elijah Shows Off His Skills

We know Elijah is a skilled fighter and a diplomat, but this week we find out he is also a skilled blues keyboard player. Not the skill many The Originals fans expected. He is in a bar, knowing he is being watched by members of The Strix. A clumsy barmaid gives him the chance to escape, but Marcel is not stupid. He warns Elijah to stay put so they can find out who has the missing white oak bullet.

Meanwhile, that bullet is found by Vincent. A group of vampires come for it, but Vincent uses his powers to put them all but one down. After a bite, the female hired gun puts Vincent down and takes the bullet from him.

The Originals E16 Finn

Elijah also learns Finn is back, and believes Finn started the rumors about the missing white oak bullet. Freya tries to convince Kol that is not the case, but Kol does have a point when he says Finn has already tried to kill the Mikaelsons more than once. Despite being family, he is also an enemy. Kol also has a grudge against him since he murdered him—the second time he died, anyway.

Freya believes Finn would return in peace, and it turns out that he is already at the compound. He may be there to peace and harmony, but Elijah and Kol clearly do not trust him.

Hayley Helps Klaus on the Run

It is amazing how long Klaus has been on the run for, but still struggles to blend in. Stopping for gas, Hayley has bought him a hat to fit in with the locals, but he refuses to give up his $1000 jacket. All Klaus wants to do is compel his way out of New Orleans, but that would make it too obvious for those tracking him.

Hayley is useful as she knows people in the south. Going into a bar, she finds an old friend Hollis. With Jasper’s ring still on her finger and Hope in tow, Hollis jumps to the conclusion that Hayley and Klaus are together, and Klaus just has to go along with it. After making a point that Klaus is Hope’s father, Hayley asks for somewhere to lay low and Hollis just cannot say no; although Klaus is clearly not comfortable with it.

As an argument starts between Klaus and Hayley, Hollis gets a call to find out something he and Hayley knows has triggered the wolf curse. She used to babysit Kayla, and now she wants to go and help. Klaus refuses to go with vampires after him, and he leaves the bar. Hayley is left with a difficult decision to make.

The Originals E16 Freya

Marcel Learns About the Bullet

Meanwhile, Josh pays Marcel a visit and wants to do something; he wants to join the Strix. Josh has news about an auction for the missing bullet, which Marcel knows nothing about. It turns out that Josh’s computer skills helped him find out about the secret auction, and Vincent appears looking for answers to who sent the ancient vampire.

Marcel gets the Strix on looking for the bullet, and it also means the Strix are at the compound. Elijah is not happy but has no choice, as Marcel works on winning the auction. With the bullet in his hands, everyone will be safe.

Elijah has other things to deal with, though, as Kol still refuses to trust Finn. Freya tries to keep them separated, but Lucien suggests they fight it out. Elijah refuses to let that happen, considering they are remaining at the compound for the foreseeable since they are all at risk. It is time for some family bonding.

Josh does manage to get into the auction and sees the vampire that attacked Vincent. The problem is the auction has people putting up casinos in Monaco as bids to make it alluring, making it clear they are not messing around. Marcel suggests Josh types “anything” in Latin, knowing the Strix will have to fulfil this. With the bid accepted, it is just time to wait. They do not wait long when Josh gets a phone call with an address to get the bullet.

Josh goes to the suite, where he is attacked by vampires. The vampires already know who Josh and Marcel are, and she is not willing to give up the bullet. Her employer wants the Mikaelsons to pay.

It was all part of the plan. Once the female leaves, Josh is left with two of the vampires. Marcel and Vincent come in to track the woman with the help of Josh. While stuck in traffic, Marcel pays her a visit. She runs, but is soon stopped as all the Strix turn up. The woman refuses to give up her employer’s name, but warns Marcel her employer will not be happy.

Finn Still Wants to Die

Freya is angry, believing Finn lied to her. It turns out that he wants to change, but he would still rather die than being part of the family. Elijah interrupts them, wanting to find out why Finn is really there. Finn admits that he has had time to think, and has decided to stop atoning for past sins. He wants to be placed back in a witch’s body.

Kol happens to be listening to this, and it is clear that he has an idea. After all, he has the blood lust to control. He pays a visit to Davina, who helps to take his mind off Finn. It turns out he just wants revenge on Finn for the drawn out death in front of Davina. However, he starts to vamp. Seeing himself in the mirror, he gets away before he bites her neck.

The Originals E16 Davina

Annoyed at Kol’s sudden departure, Davina goes searching through the compound for Esther’s grimoire. Ripping out a page, she decides Kol will get his wish for revenge.

Meanwhile, Elijah realizes that Kol cannot control his rage and bloodlust; something Kol admits he never learned. He never wanted to keep his rage in check in the past, but he does for Davina.

Hayley Refuses to Leave With Klaus

As Klaus puts Hope in the car, Hayley makes it clear that she is not leaving. She wants to help because she does not believe in making enemies all the time. Pointing out that Klaus is incapable of being a good person, she makes it clear Hope will not be raised that way. Klaus refuses to listen, and makes it clear she can only trust in family. After reminding Klaus that Hope may one day have to go through her first change, Hayley tells him she hopes someone will make it their business to help her. It is enough to help her get away to help Kayla.

When she gets to Kayla’s trailer, she finds a scared teenager who is happy to see Hayley there. Making it clear Kayla is not alone, Hayley takes her into the woods to a place that holds something special for her. It is full of shoes, cuddly toys and other items left by the pack members, as a way to honor those they killed to trigger the curse. This is the chance for Kayla to do that, with a wallet that Hayley took from the police station.

Klaus has followed them, and gets to see Kayla place the man’s driving license with the rest of the belongings. Telling Hayley that he trusts her and is taking baby steps, he apologizes for his actions, despite giving her plenty of reasons to abandon him.

Finn Gets Into Davina’s Head

As Davina comes across Finn in the compound, Finn starts to get into her head. He tells her about Kols past, but she refuses to believe that. Instead, she places a curse on Finn, locking him in his body for the rest of his life.

Angrily, Finn attacks her and it looks like she will die until Kol saves her. The two brothers fight but Freya and Elijah stop Kol before he has the chance to burn Finn. Deciding he cannot live with Finn, Kol leaves the compound and Davina goes with him.

The Originals E16 Kol

Elijah gets the bullet and throws it into the fire. Finn grabs the white oak bullet, making it clear that he cannot stand an eternity as a vampire. As Elijah asks for Finn to give him the bullet, Lucien steals it. It looks like he is going to do the wrong thing, but throws it back to Elijah. Now Elijah is left with a struggle. He knows Finn wants to keep it but it would be dangerous to have it around. Lucien suggests that Freya takes it and takes it away somewhere no one will find it. It will only be used when Finn is ready to die. Elijah agrees that Freya’s option is the best.

In the final moments, Vincent and Josh try to find out who her employer is. The vampire tells them that her employer wanted them to have the bullet. As Vincent tries to use magic to find out information, he gets messages from the ancestors. With white eyes, he snaps Josh’s neck and lets the girl go. The ancestors do not want the girl dead, but want him to help her and her employer instead.

While at the memory spot, Klaus recognizes the victim and knows that the wolves are not just disappearing. Kayla’s attack was not a random one. The wolves are being hunted.

As for Marcel and Elijah, Marcel is sure that they will get a name soon. Elijah is sure that it was all too easy, and after being around for so long it is understandable that he would be weary of a trap. When Marcel turns up to his apartment, he finds Josh still out and a rope with vervain set up. Vincent, meanwhile, attacks Freya to get the bullet from her and take her away.  It turns out that the employer was Lucien after all and with Freya, he now has the bullet he needed.

The Originals returns April 8, with a crossover with The Vampire Diaries.

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