The Finals Begin on “Face Off”

Face Off

In part one of the two part finale on “Face Off” Melissa, Walter, and Rob must face one more big challenge before a winner is crowned.

The artists meet McKenzie…and a guest…in an oil field filled with derricks. She tells the artists that the final challenge is all about thrills, chills, and big scares. She introduces her special guest award winning horror producer Jason Blum.

Jason has written a book of horror stories, one of those stories has been adapted into a film script.

For the challenge, three different horror film directors have created their own take on that script.

Telling the artists that the challenge will dive deep into the world of horror, she reveals that the artists will be creating two makeups that will star in their own horror film.

The film “Hell Hole” is about a family who buys a house and discovers that it has a portal to hell and comes with a demon.

Each artist has been randomly paired with one of the three directors – John Wynn, Bryce McGuire, and Ryan Spindell.

Noting that the artists will need some help to create their makeups, McKenzie calls out the artists who have been already eliminated. McKenzie tells the artists that they will get to pick two artists to help them with the challenge.

Rob chose Kaleb and Anna
Melissa chose Yvonne and Johnny
Walter chose Mel and Robert

The artists will have three days to create their makeups for a camera and lighting test before filming.

Saying that she has a surprise for them, McKenzie announces that Jason Blum will be joining them as a guest judge for the final reveal.

Walter and director Ryan McGuire were paired together
Rob and Bryce Spindell were paired together
Melissa and John Wynn were paired together

When McKenzie and Dad Michael come to the lab for a walk through, Michael announces that they have a surprise for the artists…they are joined by an Oscar winning makeup artist and “Face Off” family member – Lois Burwell. Lois does the walk through with the Westmore’s to offer her advice on the sculpts and the artists concepts.

Rob was not happy with the way his sculpt was going; when he comes in to the lab on day two, he starts over with his sculpt. After sleeping on it, he feels better about the direction he is going. In the mold room, Rob’s cowl locks up and they are having a lot of trouble getting it open. The finally get the mold open but find that a part of it has cracked and will require some repairing before application.

Melissa isn’t quite sure of what to do with her characters and is looking for a little more direction.

Only two hours left in the day and Walter still has a lot of work to do with molding and is hoping that he can get it all done in time. Walter gets his molds done and cleaned out just before time runs out.

It’s day three – application and camera day…
Rob discovers that his demon’s cowl needs a lot more of patching than he originally thought; it was torn almost in half.

A frazzled Melissa is not totally happy with her makeup; calling it ok.

Robert is applying moss to Walter’s demon character; Walter says that ti is realy enhancing the demon.

In last looks, each team still has a lot of work to do.

Melissa is on set first. She is excited to see the results but also feels like she is in over her head; adding that she has no idea of what to expect.

Director John Wynn says the demon’s chest piece isn’t good and the eye area needs to pop more; he wants more from the possessed character. Melissa said that what she presented wasn’t great.

Walter says that the makeups are by far the coolest thing he has ever done; adding that he loves the makeup but admits that he is also nervous. Walter said that it is wonderful to see his makeups under film.

Director Ryan is excited when he sees the characters come on set. Ryan said that the demon looks really good and he’s excited. Michael Westmore pointed out a couple of shiny spots on the demon’s face. Ryan said that he wants Walter to pull back a bit on the possessed character.

In last looks, Rob’s sole attention is on the demon; he has some issues with the edges. Rob thinks his characters look stunning and is excited to see how they look under the lights; but admits to being terrified about how the director will act. Director Bryce said that the demon was terrifying but wants to see how it looks on camera. Bryce is asking for a lot of changes to the demon; he wants to see more of the eyes, more shovel hands, a paler colour, changes to the horns and nose, wants the ears to be more of a hole, and wants some natural elements embedded into the demon.

Rob calls the changes his worst nightmare because it means he will have to completely re-sculpt the demon. Bryce wants the possessed character to be scaled back; which also means another complete re-sculpt. Rob says that he is freaking out.

Next week the artists will reveal their changes and filming takes place before the winner is announced.

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