Exclusive: Rachael Sage Goes “Choreographic” with Ballet Pop

Rachael by Erin Baiano

Artists like Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Brittney Spears, and Jennifer Lopez dance while they perform on stage; but there are few performers who have come to the pop music stage after performing on the stage at Lincoln Center with the New York Ballet as a dancer in productions like “The Nutcracker Suite”. Rachael Sage is one such artist.

Dancing from a very young age, Rachael was exposed to the classical music of the ballet, the fine fashion costumes worn by the ballerinas, and the discipline of a dancer.

Since the early days of her musical career touring with Ani DiFranco in 1998, Rachael has channeled her dance training into her music.


Over the past few years Rachael has seen her music used by the dancers in the reality show “Dance Mons”.

For her new album Rachael has focused her past dance experience and her love of music to create an album of what she calls “ballet pop”. As she wrote each song, Rachael envisioned each song as a fully choreographed piece. “Choreographic” features 12 original compositions that will make you dance, cry, smile, and move to the beat.

Choreographic” is set for a May 20 release but Rachael will be hitting the road for a tour before the album is released giving fans a taste of what’s to come o the album. As a part of that tour Rachael says that she wants to visit some local dance studios to hold workshops with the students who are where she once was and to give them an opportunity to dance to some of the songs from the new album – much in the same way that Maddie Ziegler and her “Dance Moms” friends do o the show.


In a recent interview, an excited Rachael spoke about her musical life and the new album. While she has been greatly influenced by Leonard Cohen; it is another musical legend that inspired one of the songs from “Choreographic”. Rachael said that “It Would Be Enough” was inspired by the Blues legend B.B. King.

Speaking on creating “Choreographic” Rachael said, “making this album was a meditation on my lifelong relationship to ballet and more recently lyrical dance. Dance gave me virtually everything I cherish as an artist – melody, expressiveness, a sense of ensemble, a love of costume and fashion, and foremost discipline.”

People speak of a Renaissance man; but what about a Renaissance woman?

Rachael Sage is that woman – a trained dancer, a multi instrumentalist, an award winning songwriter, a fashion designer who creates many of her own stage costumes, and an artist who has created some of her ow stage backdrops. And if that wasn’t enough to make your head spin, Rachael Sage owns her own record label – MPress Records.

In less than 20 years Rachael has accomplished more as an independent artist than some artists signed to a major label have done in a lifetime. Along with having over a dozen of her songs appear on “Dance Mons” Rachael has had music on the remake of the movie “Fame”, a promo for “Army Wives”, the film “Elena Undone”, the documentary film “Girls from Daraja”, “The Cleaner”, the film “It Was One of Us”, a national ad campaign for the Girl Scouts of America, and commercials for Optima Shampoo, Crystal Light, and the Dairy Association.

Rachael’s music videos have been viewed nearly 10 million times and she has won the grand prize for the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, four Independent Music Awards, four Out Music Awards, and the International Acoustic Music Award.

Music and dance have always been a part of life for Rachael Sage; with “Choreographic” she has melded the two worlds in more than just putting some accompaniment to the dance moves.

For this modern day renaissance woman, “the quintessential definition of dance is Freedom!”

promotional photos by Erin Baiano and used by permission of Rachael Sage

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