‘The 100’ Season 3 Episode 10: ‘Fallen’ Recap

The 100 recap Season 3Caution: This article contains spoilers of The 100 episode that airs Thursday April 7, 2016.

After last week’s shocking end, more fans threatened to boycott The 100. That has not stopped the show continuing, and this week focused on Octavia’s anger, Clarke’s search for another commander and Jaha’s push towards everyone joining the City of Light.

Bellamy Learns About Lincoln

The episode starts with Bellamy still tied up in the cave. Harper, Nathan, Kane and Octavia return, and he finds out that Lincoln was executed. Octavia decides to take her anger out on her brother, and Bellamy allows it to happen. Others try to stop her, but he knows that this has been partially his fault. After beating him, Octavia tells her brother he is dead to her and leaves it at that.

The others discuss their options. There is hope that once they kill Pike, which is now their objective, they will become the 13th clan again. That is, of course, if the new commander allows that to happen.

Murphy Helps Ontari

With Ontari now the commander, Murphy has found himself tied up. Roan told her to keep him that way until he returns, and Murphy soon plays on her fear that she will not be seen as the true commander. She allows people into her chamber, and they want the ascension to go ahead. The problem is that it cannot without the flame, and Murphy helps to bide Ontari some time.

The problem for Ontari is that she needs to name all the past commanders. Murphy knows that she cannot do that, but promises to help her. It is his leverage to get out of the chains he is currently in.

Murphy realizes that Ontari needs the flame to know all the names. She decides that she needs to kill the others because she does not know the names. Murphy continues to work with her, and becomes her fake flame keeper to her position of fake commander.

Ontari is praying and is interrupted. Murphy has brought the others, and she tells them that she refuses to speak the lineage. She is the last of her conclave, and they are her subjects. They refuse until she speaks the names, so Ontari shows force by blinding (because Murphy told her not to kill).

When they return to Ontari’s chambers, Murphy is chained up again because Ontari does not trust him. As Ontari starts to strip in front of him—making it clear what she wants—Murphy tells her that there is someone else. Ontari does not care, and makes sure she gets what she wants.

The 100 E10 Raven

Raven Tries to Block Out Alie

After realizing that she is struggling to remember anything, she tries to block Alie out. It is going to do nothing, but it does not stop Raven from trying.

Outside of her room Jaha and others crowd around to find out what is going on. It finally works, and Alie admits that Raven is much stronger than anyone else. Abby wants to help Raven, but Jaha stops her from getting in. She and Jasper force their way into the room, as raven realizes that the sensory overload that she needs is unsustainable.

Raven had actually asked for Jasper and Abby. She wants the chip out of her head, and thinks she knows how to do it.

Hannah Wants to Get Monty Out

Pike knows that Monty helped people to escape, and Hannah is not willing to see her son die. She wants him to get out of Arkadia, and tells him that she would not turn him in. She cannot lose both the men she loves.

With others watching, Monty has to say goodbye very discreetly (meaning no hug) and takes off as quickly as possible.

Monty gets a message to Bellamy to help him, but the others in the cave worry that Pike will be listening. Bellamy now tells them to go to channel seven. “Please say you still have your radio” was code to get him to change to channel seven. Kane decides to trust Bellamy and tells Monty to get to the drop ship.

Harper thinks it is the trap, and Kane says he will go alone. Octavia and Nathan say they are going with him, but Kane says they will not take their whole team. Octavia wants to take her brother as a hostage, and Kane agrees as long as he is gagged and chained. Bellamy is now the enemy.

It turns out that it was partially a trap. Pike followed Monty, and he has others with him. Nathan has a sniper target on Pike but Monty is in the shot. Kane puts his gun down, but Octavia refuses to submit. It leads to Bellamy attacking, allowing others to arrest Octavia and Kane. Bellamy also passes on the information that the others are in a cave, but can only take them to it.

The 100 E10 Jaha

Jaha Wants to Coerce Raven Back In

Jaha knows that free will is a problem and he needs to get around that. He suggests they give Raven back her pain so that she can remember what it was life before Alie. While they talk, Alie gets a confused look on her face, before asking if they sent The 100 down with wrists bands.

A flash to Raven, Abby and Jasper see Raven’s plan being explained. She wants to use the wristbands, reversing the energy pulse so the chip is destroyed without damaging her own brain.

Alie tells Jaha and the rest of their followers that they need to find the wristbands. Abby knows where there are more bands and sends Jasper for them. As Alie asks Raven to stand down, she reminds Raven of all the pain she felt. Raven gets all of her memories back, hugging Abby for help. They get her to medical with her heart racing, and Abby tells Jackson everything she needs. The problem is Jackson is being controlled by Alie, too. He has to wait for Alie’s permission to help Raven.

As more memories flash through, Raven submits to Alie so she stops the pain. Alie takes over Raven completely, and starts talking through her. Jackson uses the sedative on Abby instead.

Jaha has followed Jasper to get the wristbands, bringing others with him. They destroy the wristbands, and Jasper can do nothing.

Abby now learns that Jackson has taken the chip, and wants to find out how much he has forgotten. Alie continues to speak through Raven, making it possible for Abby to discuss things with the AI, although this is not something she wants. Jaha continues to get Abby to take the chip, but Abby says they can torture her but she will not take the key.

Alie slits Raven’s wrists to get Abby to join them. Abby is left in an impossible position, finally agreeing to take the key so she can save Raven. As Jackson cuts her binds, Abby is now allowed to save Raven.

The 100 E10 Abby

Bellamy Leads Pike to the Cave

As Bellamy takes Pike and the others to the cave, he finds out what it will mean for Octavia. Pike promises immunity from previous crimes but not for future ones. This is a promise he also made Hannah. Bellamy promises that Octavia will not make any other mistakes.

Kane realizes that Bellamy has taken them to the wrong place but says nothing. He has taken them to the blockade instead. Bellamy takes Pike’s gun and sends a message to the others that they have brought Pike, which Octavia translates. As the Grounders attack, Octavia tries to kill Pike but Kane stops her.

The Grounders take Pike and Kane joins them to meet the new commander. The others are sent home, but Bellamy refuses to tell Kane whether he tricked Pike for Octavia or because it was the right thing. Monty realizes that Hannah turned him in, but Bellamy tells him that they will work it out. When one of the guards tries to sit up, Octavia stabs and kills him with the line “blood must have blood.” It is clear that there is a lot for Bellamy and Octavia to work out.

In the final moments, Jasper escapes where he is chained and goes in search for Abby. He finds Abby handing out the key and then finds Raven in the hospital bed. When Jasper decides to take Raven, Alie senses it and sends all her followers to find them. Jasper takes off out of Arkadia, with all of Alie’s followers behind him. He forces his way out of Arkadia and almost drives into Clarke.

Clarke had returned for Lincoln to find out where Luna is. Jasper does not have time to explain anything, as the followers tries to get Raven. Clarke stops them and realizes that her mother has joined them. Abby makes it clear that now that Arkadia has fallen, it is time for stage two; whatever that means for The 100.

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