Video Game Hall of Fame Finalists Announced

Video Game Finalists

The video game first hit homes in the early 80s and since that time they have increased in popularity to become a multi billion dollar business.

The World Video Game Hall of Fame at The Strong Museum in Rochester, New York has released the nominees for the 2016 Hall of Fame inductees –
“Final Fantasy”
“Grand Theft Auto III”
“John Madden Football
“The Legend of Zelda”
“The Oregon Trail”
“Pokemon Red and Green”
“Side Meier’s Civilization”
“The Sims”
“Sonic the Hedgehog”
“Space Invaders”
“Street Fighter II”
and “Tomb Raider”

Speaking on the finalists director of the International Center for the History of Electronic Games Jon-Paul C. Dyson said, “these 15 World Video Game Hall of Fame finalists span decades, gaming platforms, and countries of origin—but what they all have in common is their undeniable impact on the world of gaming and popular culture. Whether it’s an iconic game like ‘The Legend of Zelda’, a pioneering educational title like ‘The Oregon Trail;, or an innovator like ‘Elite’, which forever changed the design and development of other games, they’re among the most influential games of all time.”

The 15 finalists were chosen by a committee of journalists, scholars, and other video game aficionados. They were chosen from thousands of entries from over 100 countries.

The winning inductees will be announced on May at a special ceremony at The Strong.

The World Video Game Hall of Fame features electronic games that have been widely recognized and remembered, have had longevity, is more than a passing fancy, and has geographical reach beyond all borders. The game’s influence of other games, society, and popular culture are also taken into consideration.

The Hall of Fame’s first inductees “DOOM”, “Pong”, “Pac-Man”, “Super Mario Bros.”, “Tetris”, and “World of Warcraft” are on permanent display on the second floor of The Strong Museum.

Established in 2105, The World Video Game Hall of Fame recognizes a variety of electronic games including arcade games, console games, handheld mobile games, and computer games.


The Strong – formerly The Strong Children’s Museum – holds the world’s largest collection of dolls, toys, games, and other artifacts related to play. It is an interactive museum that encourages children…and adults…to explore and play with the exhibits on display.


photo of video games courtesy of The Strong Museum
all other photos by Sherrill Fulghum


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