Shirley Watts Wants to Sue The State-Run Stud in Janów Podlaski

Shirley Watts, the Arabian horse breeder, wants to sue the government officials after two of her horses died in a state-run stud in Janów Podlaski during one month.

Shirley Watts is a wife of Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts with whom she runs the stud in Devon.
She loaned four horses to Janów Podlaski to expand an Arabian bloodline and have her four horses trained.

“On top: IAR – Polish Radio. Shirley Watts taken two mares from Janów Podlaski. Under the image: Shirley Watts taken two mares from Janów. Two mares, that belonged to Rolling Stones drummer wife, left the horse stud in Janów Podlaski. They will…”

Both mares, Preria, and Amra were 16-years old and died after giving birth because of a twisted colon, Preria on March 17, and Amra two weeks later, on April 2.

The breeder took two horses that are alive back to Halsdon Arabians in England. She wants to sue the officials for the animals deaths and “keeping her in dark”.
Shirley Watts bought all four horses in Janów Podlaski for thousands of euros. The arrangement between sides was to have the foals in the stud, but because of the circumstances, the question of the ownership is now open.

Marek Trela, who worked in the Janów Podlaski Stud for 38 years, firstly as a vet and then a director until February, said that he feels guilty because Shirley Watts loaned the horses to him due to their friendship and he was unable to intervene.

Krzysztof Jurgiel, Poland’s agriculture minister, decided to fire three breeding specialists from the stud: Jerzy Białobok, Anna Stojanowska, who was the national horse breeding inspector and Marek Trela.
The minister accused Trela of financial mismanagement and responsibility for the death of Pianissima, a 12-years old horse that died in October 2010. According to Trela, the mare’s mother died for the same reason when she was 10.

There’s a petition on the website to reinstate the three specialists.

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