‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny And Carlos Struggle, Morgan Lashes Out At Carly

General Hospital

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The Corinthos family is in the forefront once again on General Hospital as one is trying his best to deal with his new illness, while his dad’s life is in danger. Here is what to expect on Wednesday’s episode (April 13).

Carly and Michael pay a visit to Morgan and it looks like his mom is trying her best to help him. However, just as Carly always seems to do when it comes to her youngest son, she is making things worse, He tells her to stop trying to tell him how he feels and that she is wrong. What does he think she is wrong about?

Ever since Kiki’s visit, Morgan has been doing his best to get better as he promised he would. He may just spill to his family that he has been taking his meds and dealing with his bipolar while he has been there, which will lead to him getting released soon.

Julian has something important to tell Alexis. Is it about being back in the mob? Meanwhile, Kiki tells Ava that she wants to go home with her and Avery. While this is sure to put a smile on Ava’s face, there is also the danger that her girls may be in if they return home with her.

Dillon wants to know how his dad inured his wrist. What crazy story will Paul tell his son this time? The DA will also inform Anna that he thinks that she is losing her mind, as reported by We Love Soaps.

Andre knows something is up with Jordan and Anna, and he wants to know what is going on. It looks like he goes back to Anna’s home and this time Jordan will be there searching for clues on what Anna is up to. Paul just told her that she tried to kill Carlos before and she may be on her way to finish him off this time.

Jordan will have to come up with something to tell Andre, or maybe she will clue him in on what is happening with Anna. Will they team up?

Meanwhile in South America, Anna runs to the church just as Sonny and Carlos are struggling for the gun. Carlos did have Sonny on his knees ready to shoot him but then Sonny managed to turn it around and ready to kill Carlos.

Anna startled both of them and the gun will go off.  Will Sonny and Anna finally get their revenge?

Stay tuned for more General Hospital spoilers, news, and updates.

Photo by General Hospital Preview/YouTube.

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