Second Earthquake in Japan in 24 Hours, Measures 7.0

A second earthquake hit southern Japan early Saturday morning local time. It is the second strong earthquake in just over 24 hours, and this one measured a magnitude of 7.0.

An earthquake measuring M6.2 on Thursday evening, although some reported it was between 6.4 and 7. Initially no deaths reported, it has now been confirmed that nine people died. The latest earthquake is about eight miles from the epicenter of Thursday’s quake, at Kumamoto-shi, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

It is unclear whether there are any deaths or damage due to the latest quake. Residents are living in fear of more, and the Japan Meteorological Agency initially issued a tsunami advisory for all coastal regions. The threat of a tsunami was believed to be low on Thursday. Tsunami advisories are issued when authorities believe the tsunami will reach a height of between 0.2m and 1m. This advisory has now been lifted.

While Japan is regularly hit with earthquakes, Thursday’s was the worst felt since 2011. This one has now overshadowed that. Due to previous devastating earthquakes, the build structures are able to handle the quakes, so little damage happens.

This second earthquake occurred about 24 hours after a baby girl was found alive in the rubble of her home from Thursday’s incident. The girl had been there for about six hours by the time she was found.

There are fears that some people will be trapped in buildings after this second Japan earthquake. The BBC correspondent for the area says it is difficult to tell which buildings have been damaged.

Featured image from ITV tweet included above.

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