Switch Up Week on DWTS

It’s switch up week on “Dancing with the Stars” with the new couples having only four days to learn a new dance with a one time partner.

This week also features a guest judge and a guest performer when DWTS Champion Maksim Chmerkovskiy joins Len, Bruno, and Carrie Ann at the judge’s table and award winning British pop star James Bay performs in the Ballroom.


The night of dancing opens with a group number by the pro dancers and the stars that was choreographed by Mandy Moore.

The first couple on the dance floor is Wanya and new partner Witney with a Tango to a live performance by James Bay. While calling James Bay great, Len was not so pleased with the dance. Len called the dance hectic with too many moving parts; adding that there was too much going on. Agreeing with Len, Maks said that they expected better. Pleased to see Wanya didn’t hold back, Bruno , said that there was an out pour of complex steps with the maximum impact; adding that Wanya has incredible ability and is a great performer. Carrie Ann missed the natural chemistry that Wanya has with Lindsay; saying that he delivered a solid dance and brought it. Wanya and Witney scored 30 points for their dance.

Next up was Kim Fields with Keo for a Viennese Waltz. While Maks thought it was a beautiful performance, he said the dance was not a Viennese Waltz and had no moves in frame. Noting that Kim was a beautiful lady letting herself go, Bruno said that it was like a series of beautiful photos in a romance novel; adding that while the dance was more like American Smooth, Kim was on the money for interpretation. Carrie Ann loved the dance; calling it delicious she said that the dance brought out another side of Kim. Len noted that there wasn’t a single step in hold and the dance had nothing to do with the Viennese Waltz. Keo said that he chose not to do moves in hold because of a height different between him and Kim. Kim and Keo scored 28 points for their dance.

Doug and Peta performed a Tango that brought Doug his best scores yet. Saying that it wasn’t gold – they danced to “Black and Gold” – but it wasn’t all bad, Bruno noted that he could see the determination to get the moves right but told Doug to embrace the musicality. Carrie Ann loved the partnership; adding that Doug didn’t miss a step. Len called it Doug’s best dance so far. Maks said that Doug had great movement but there wasn’t enough Tango content; adding that Doug did keep in hold but the dance was a bit pedestrian. Doug and Peta scored 28 points for their dance.

Taking a break from the competition, James Bay performs his hit “Let it Go”.

Ginger and Mark Salsa but before that, hubby Ben had to come to rehearsals to check out the moves Mark was doing with his wife. Carrie Ann called Ginger someone to watch. Len said the performance was fantastic. Saying that he loved it, Maks noted that Ginger sold it and it was her thing. Calling her a devilish fiend, Bruno said that Ginger got him going; adding that she was hot, hot, hot. Ginger and Mark scored 32 points for their dance. Regular partner Valentin felt that the scores should have been at least nines.

Antonio and Karina performed a Cha Cha that had Antonio flipping on to the dance floor. Len said that the dance was long on performance but short on technique; adding that there was too much bump and grind and the Cha Cha moves were poor. Saying that he is a fan, Maks said that while it was an amazing performance, it was poor on content. Bruno said that Antonio has the moves and the right package with charisma by he and Karina were dancing in different time zones. Bruno noted that when Antonio gets it right, he is hot. Carrie Ann called Antonio a natural that lights up the stage; adding that he is a wild card. Agreeing with all of her fellow judges Carrie Ann said that the dance form was not good and under rehearsed. Antonio and Karina earned the lowest score of the night with 26 points.

Paige and Sasha danced a Rumba. While Maks thought that Paige is more than capable of winning the competition, he noted that there wasn’t a Rumba step in the dance. Saying that Paige is sexy and she knows it, Bruno said that she played it beautifully; adding the dance had flow, extended moves, and was danced from the heart. Carrie Ann said that Paige’s quality of movement was multidimensional; adding that the partnership was spot on. Calling her a lovely dancer, Len said that the dance was clean and precise but the dance needed more emotion – she needed to sell it to him. Paige and Sasha scored 31 points for their dance.

Von and Lindsay channeled Von’s country roots with a countrified Jive. Bruno said that Von is unique and very creative with swagger; but noted that Von messed up the beginning of the dance but the dance was off the rocker in performance value. Carrie Ann noted that Lindsay was very clever to go with the country style and play to Von’s strengths; adding that he delivered a great performance. Len said that the dance was full of fun and energy; adding that Von came out and gave it his all. Maks said that Von looked like he had so much to give; adding that Lindsay gets an eleven for her choreography. Von and Lindsay scored 29 points for their dance.

Nyle and Sharna danced a Viennese Waltz. During the week Tyra Banks made a surprise visit to the rehearsal hall.

A very emotional Carrie Ann said that Nyle takes her breath away; adding that at first she thought Nyle was at a disadvantage but says he is at an advantage and was born to dance. Len compared Nyle to a total eclipse; saying that it doesn’t happen often but when it does, it’s fantastic. Maks said that it was hard for him to comprehend what Nyle does; adding it was the best dance of the night with so much musicality. Maks said that Nyle did an amazing job. Calling the performance magic, Bruno said that the dance comes alive in Nyle; adding that you would have to be made of granite not toe fall in love with that dance. Host Tom Bergeron asked Nyle if he feels it when he dances and Nyle said that everything comes all together. There was a bit of a mix up on the scoring. The judges write down their scores and are sent to the control room but the paddles they raised when asked did not match those scores. While the screen said 39 points, the actual score was 37 points with Len handing out the first 10 of the season.

Finishing out the night of dance was Jodi and Valentin with a Paso Doble. Ukrainian born Valentin said that he learned English by watching “Full House”. Len said that the dance was full of attack and purpose. Noting that he loved how Jodi moved with desperation, Maks called the dance amazing; adding that Jodi is talented and could go all the way. Calling the dance turbo charged, Bruno said that Jodi was firing on all cylinders and thanked Val for adding all of the Spanish content. Saying that Jodi was in the zone, Carrie Ann said that it was by far her best dance. Jodi and Val scored 35 points for their dance.

There was no elimination this week; the scores from Disney week will be added to the scores of this week to determine who will go home next week.

Next week the couples will return to their original partners and perform iconic dances from film and TV.

Switch up week scores:
Antonio and Karina – 26
Kim and Keo – 28
Doug and Peta – 28
Von and Lindsay – 29
Wanya and Witney – 30
Paige and Sasha – 31
Ginger and Mark – 32
Jodi and Valentine – 35
Nyle and Sharna – 37

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