Karla Homolka Discovered Living in Montreal Suburb; Parents Are Shocked!

Recently, families of the Montreal suburb of Chateauguay in Quebec, Canada, have learned that Karla Homolka, the serial killer, has been living in their community. She resides there with her husband and two children.

In an interview with Global News, one resident, Ketly Fagan said,

I was shocked….I mean this is somebody that I’ve spoken to at the school and was very nice. I can’t put the two together. It doesn’t seem like it could be the same person but it is.

City News reveals that, “Homolka is now going under the name of Leanne Teale.”

According to the Toronto Sun, the principal of the school that Homolka’s children attend, had to send a letter home to parents to reassure them that their children were safe.  Parent’s were concerned that Homolka might be more involved with their children than they were comfortable with. The principal of the school reassured parents that all volunteers at the school had to have criminal record checks done and that their children were safe.

Homolka, and her ex-husband, Paul Bernardo, are two of the most notorious Canadian serial killers of this generation. In the early 1990s they were arrested and charged with the rape and murder of three teenage girls, one of whom was Homolka’s younger sister.  Homolka managed to serve only 12 years time by pleading to a lesser charge and testifying against Bernardo.  Unfortunately, this deal was struck before video evidence was submitted that proved her claim to be an abused wife that acted under duress to be false.

There are many who are shocked and dismayed that Homolka has been living among them.  People on Twitter are expressing the belief that she should not be allowed to be near children and that she did not serve enough time.

Yet others, although not defending her, feel that she did her time and that people should remember that it is not fair to target her children or her husband for their mother and wife’s past.

Homolka and her family have already had to move around in the past to avoid the scrutiny of the media.  They even moved overseas for a time to try to live a normal life, but Homolka’s identity was revealed and they moved back to Canada.  Karla Homolka, aka Leanne Teale, and her family have been living in the current location for 2 years now.

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