The Devil was in the Details in Hu Sheguang Fashion Show from Hell

The fashion world is still reeling from the Hu Sheguang fashion lineup from hell. His catwalk show during the Mercedes Benz China Fashion Week ended April 1.  Red- the colour of blood and the devil was showcased in a nightmarish way and people are still talking about it.

The Devil was in the Details in Hu Sheguang Fashion Show from Hell

Extra Hands Always Help

As a designer Sheguang made everyone face their demons, especially his shiny red models. Hu Sheguang, known for his trademark abstract creations is no stranger to the bizarre. Apparently he was striving for shock value this time. His models displayed full satanic masks, demonic dolls, prosthetic hands, several extra heads, extra arms, and devil horns along with full length, wet-look PVC (pleather) dresses and hair that looked like it was covered in blood. This presentation was his fall/winter show for 2016.

Speculation that the Chinese designer is making a statement using a representation of the ‘Scream Queen’s’ Red Devil is a  ‘tempting’ thought. But this time his ‘devil may care’ attitude has topped all his previous avant garde- to put it mildly- fashion presentations.

In 2014, for instance, his design flaunted at the China Fashion Show presented his statement theme- “Sting’. To clarify his fashion, Sheguang said the reason for this approach is, “Modern life has become tasteless. People are infected with “numbness”: they feel no happiness, and no pain… like zombies. We need strong feelings even if it is piercing pain. The pain wakes us up from the numbness, forces to feel the taste of life again and pursue the lost dreams. So please open your soul to feel the “stinging” pain!’ 

His models reflected his words as they showed- off complete metal wire masks-   faceless, with spikes looking like they were piercing the masks, wings like insects and deathly white faces. Stinging-statement made.

But this year he has topped all his past endeavours with his devil/horror theme that went viral. Hard to imagine anyone slipping on one of these designs for a night on the town. However,  Sheguang has always filled the catwalk with some very different haute couture displays in the past, including silky butterflies with flowing gowns and too-high spiked heels. He strives each year to make an unforgettable impression and statement at the Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week

Hu Sheguang was born in China-and then his family moved to the Netherlands when he was 16. He later graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie for Fine Arts and Design with honours and soon thereafter, began his career. He has designed clothes for several Dutch and Chinese high establishment figures, including the Dutch Royal Family (Queen of the Netherlands) and has a fashion store in Amsterdam. Earlier in his career he designed clothes for stars who attended the Cannes Film Festival, including a punk rock series but they were mostly western or european in style.

Since his return to China he has leaned toward incorporating more Chinese elements into his designs as well as striving to make an unforgettable bold statement with his fashions. And after his shocking ‘Devil with the Red Dress’ Fashion Week, no one will argue that he has succeeded 

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