Arnold Schwarzenegger In Kuwait For His #ComeWithMeIfYouWantToLift Project

Arnold Schwarzenegger is currently in Kuwait where he is giving out t-shirts with his Come With Me if You Want to Lift logo on them and participating in a race. He’s raising awareness and funding for his After School All Stars project, which focuses on giving children the tools they need to succeed.

Arnold arrived at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait yesterday and today he is having a great time with the troops, according to his Facebook Page.  He handed out t-shirts that have the Come With Me if You Want to Lift (for those of  you who aren’t familiar with the Terminator franchise, “Come with me if you want to live,” is a phrase that is repeated by several characters, including Schwarzenegger’s, throughout the series) logo on the front.

He posted this video on his Facebook Page earlier today:

Since then, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been busy on Snapchat, posting videos of his activities.


(Source: Snapchat @arnoldschnitzel)

In this photo he’s posing with troops that are running a race to raise funds for his After School All Stars project. He says he is, “in the military base here in Kuwait. Look at all these men and women waiting for the race!”

He looks like he has everyone excited to participate!

Schwarzenegger even had some time to spend with the troops, promoting them.


(Source: Snapchat @arnoldschnitzel)

One of the troops posted some pictures of the activities going on to her Imugr account:

Arnold visited my friend who is serving in Kuwait!

According to (where you can buy the t-shirts to help the cause), the After School All Stars has worked to help empower youth and give them the tools that they need to succeed in life for over 2 years. There are 72,053 participants at the time and they come from 326 schools.  The aim is to help kids be, “safe and healthy, graduate from high school and go on to college, find a career that they love, and give back to the community.”

On a video on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s YouTube account, he says,

It starts with the t-shirt but it’s much more than that. It’s going to be a movement.


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