Poland: Total Defence

Last week the Polish Minister of Defence, Antoni Macierewicz, signed the document allowed the creation of a “territorial defence force” that will include up to 35.000 people because of the aggressive intentions of Russia.

Macierewicz said that the new security forces are necessary because of Russian terrorism and as a part of a patriotic education. He also stated that “Russia has aggressive intentions and that had been undertaking actions to destabilise the peaceful order in Europe, endangering Poland and its neighbours.”

The Defence Minister Macierewicz attended a conference “Military Conflict and Terrorism” in Higher School of Social and Media Culture that belongs to Father Rydzyk, owner of Radio Maryja and TV Trwam. He said that after Smoleńsk, the Polish nation was the biggest victim of terrorism in Russia and their purpose was to rip Poland out of the leadership. TV Trwam transmitted the conference.

According to Macierewicz words to journalists in Bydgoszcz, the new army will have 150,000 people, which means that it will increase by 50%. The paramilitary organisations will make up the rest of the force. Macierewicz wants to create three brigades for the territorial defence.

Antoni Macierewicz is a Minister of National Defence since November 16, 2015. He was also a chief of a Military Counterintelligence Service from October 4, 2006, until November 6, 2007. He was dismissed because he received the parliamentary seat.

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