‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Episode 1: ‘The Red Woman’ Recap

Caution: This article contains spoilers for Game of Thrones that aired Sunday April 24. If you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t read.

Game of Thrones is back. Season 6 has been the one everyone has been anxiously waiting for, because nobody—even the book lovers—have no idea how the season will play out. Is Jon Snow dead? Do Sansa and Theon get away? What happened to Arya now she’s blind?

So many questions were answered but then so many more were raised. What was that end scene all about? Here is your Game of Thrones recap to get the reminder before this weekend’s episode.

Is Jon Snow Dead?

The big question went sort of unanswered. Yes, Jon Snow is (currently) dead. Will he stay that way? There is still time for someone to resurrect him and there are plenty of theories on how that could happen.

Ser Davros found him and he and some loyal friends took him to a room. Ghost joined them and they got ready for a fight against Alliser, who has made himself the new commander. He made it clear why he and others killed Jon—he was putting them at risk by working with the Wildlings—and the Night’s Watch just seemed to take it.

Game of Thrones E1 Davros

Knowing that a fight is coming, Eddison left Jon with Ser Davros and others to get help. They need the Wildlings to fight against the Nights at Castle Black. Alliser did offer Ser Davros the chance to walk away, and it looks like he just wants to make sure Jon’s body is burned. That way, there’s no chance he will come back as a White Walker or someone else can resurrect him.

Melisandre was upset to see Jon’s body. She had seen him in the flames fighting at Winterfell and is really struggling to belief her faith. That is all cumulated in that last scene, but more on that to come.

Cersei Mourns and Dorne Attacks

Jaime returned home with Marcella’s body. The look on Cersei’s face told everyone her feelings. Initially elated, she soon turns to sorrow and anger as she realizes that her daughter is dead. Rather than another rape scene by the body, Jaime and Cersei just worked together to determine the best plan of attack.

Meanwhile in Dorne, the Sand Snakes attacked. The females are rising this year, and that was certainly made clear in Dorne. Ellaria and her daughters killed both Prince Doran and his son Trystane. Where was Bronn? He was originally on the boat on the way back to Westeros but wasn’t seen in the episode. Trystane had also originally been on the boat, so maybe that will be explained in a later episode.

Game of Thrones E1 Cersei

Sansa Stark Finally Escapes Ramsey

Sansa had a rough time in Season 5, but this year it looks like she is getting a boost in power. After making the jump with Theon in the Game of Thrones finale, the two were on the run from the dogs. While it looked like they were going to get away, Sansa’s need to rest meant the guards and dogs caught up with them and found them.

When it all looked like Sansa would be taken back, Brienne turned up on her horse and made quick work of the men. Even Theon got the chance to redeem himself some more by killing one of the guards. That led to a very formal but necessary moment as Brienne pledged herself to Sansa, and Sansa gratefully albeit nervously accepted.

Game of Thrones E1 Sansa

Back at Winterfell, it is clear that Lord Bolton is worried. Ramsey’s marriage to Sansa was against the crown, so now he has all of the Northern Lords and the Lannisters against him. While Winterfell is a stronghold and difficult to breach, it is not impossible and it looks like the Boltons are facing destruction this season.

Tyrion Tries to Help Dany’s People

With Daenerys gone, it is now up to Tyrion to lead her people. He and Varys are out taking a stroll, offering some much needed comedic value to the episode. Varys always gets some of the best lines, telling Tyrion he walks like a rich person and then making fun of his attempt to speak Valerian—making the mother believe he wanted to pay her so he could eat her baby!

At the same time, Daenerys was taken to Khal Jhaqo of the Dothrakis. It is clear nobody realizes that she can speak Dothraki at first, and are shocked when she addresses the Khal. He is not so impressed with her titles, but does take a step back when he finds out that she is was Drogo’s Khaleesi. While it saved her from being raped, it does not lead her to her people. He makes it very clear that she is to go where all the other widowed Khaleesis go, Vaes Dothrak.

Out of all the females, Dany is the only one to show a sign of falling from grace. Will she be saved from this fate to claim her place on the Iron Throne?

Game of Thrones E1 Tyrion

Arya Stark Faces Life Blind

Arya could be viewed as someone who is falling from grace, but it seems this is only going to be temporary. Last season she lost her sight, and now she is going to have to learn to fight with her other senses. While begging, she gets a visit from Waif, who starts attacking her with a stick. Waif has never been kind, but this almost seems mean until it is clear that this is a lesson.

Arya is quickly beaten down, as she tries to rely on her sight. Waif finishes, saying she will be back “tomorrow.” This is going to continue for a while until Arya learns how to deal with being blind.

The final moments were the most shocking. While many people expected some twist with the Red Woman, Melisandre, not everyone expected just what they did see. Contemplating her faith, she is staring into the fire. Then she walks to the mirror, where she starts to strip and removes her necklace. The current Game of Thrones theory is that the necklace had a glamour spell within it, because as she removed it she aged by hundreds of years. Melisandre has already said she is old, but she must be about 200 years.

Now there are many other questions. Will Melisandre be the one to raise Jon from the dead somehow, maybe giving him her life? Or will someone else come and renew her faith in the Lord of Light? What will happen to Daeneyrs and will Arya learn to fight without her sight? All will follow on Sunday in Game of Thrones, Home.

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