Getting Dimensional on “Skin Wars”

Last week the painters on “Skin Wars” were challenged to blend their models into the background of toy store shelves. The challenge brought Rick his first win and sent Shelley home.

This week the painters must work with the competition in the season’s first partner challenge.

When the painters come into the lab they find Rebecca, Robin, and RuPaul…and a bunch of suitcases. Rebecca tells the painters that they are taking a trip…back in time to the 50s – the age of 2D art. The painters are challenged to create a waist up body painting that makes the model look like a piece of 2D art using the prop and cartoon bubble found in the suitcase they choose. The painters have three hours to complete the challenge.

The top looks for the 2D challenge are Jess, Luis, and Kyera. Hans did not make the top three and feels he was cheated.

The winner of the challenge was Luis with his model that pays homage to his homeland of Mexico.

The concept challenge this week is a 3D art mural painted on four models…and two painters. In this team challenge the artists must come together to paint their murals in five hours. There will be one winner from the winning team and one painter from the losing team will go home.

For winning the first challenge, Luis gets to pick his own painting partner and with no hesitation he chose Jess. Rebecca uses her trusty paint bucket and brushes to match up the remaining teams –

Luis and Jess
Kyera and Allison
Michael and Brittney
Otto and Tiffany
Hans and Rick

Back at the house the teams pair up and begin working on the concepts for their murals.

Allison is really home sick and is very emotional; saying that she really misses her son. Kyera is a bit worried about Allison bringing the team down.

Rebecca, Craig, RuPaul visit the lab to see what the artists are doing. When Craig asked Rick and Hans who they thought their biggest competition was, the guys pointed to each other.

Some of the artists are nervous about their paint jobs…and their partners…and how it will all work out.

Joining judges Craig Tracy, Robin Slonina, and RuPaul this week is Kandee Johnson.

After the reveal the judges spoke with all of the teams…

Up first were Hans and Rick. The judges said that they nailed the execution perfectly, had a captivating skyline, and an owl that looked 3D.

Brittney and Michael’s piece was very theatrical and cosmic but Craig wanted to see more technique from the painters.

Luis and Jess had a piece that reminded Craig of Nicki Minaj – he liked the bottom more than the top. The judges felt like the frog in the mural failed.

Tiffany and Otto’s mural was a tribute to service members and those who never made it back home. The judges said that the mural was passionate, beautiful, touching, and powerful.

Kyera and Allison tried to create the birth of an unicorn from a caterpillar. While the judges loved the detail in the painting, they wanted to see more; adding that they didn’t communicate the message or plan their mural out as well as they could have.

The judges asked each team who should win and naturally each artist named themselves.

After deliberations Rebecca revealed that Luis and Jess were safe.

Otto and Tiffany and Rick and Hans were the top teams with Hans and Rick being the winning team. But there can be only one winner and for the second week in a row, Rick was named the winner of the challenge.

Kyera and Allison and Brittney and Michael were the bottom teams with one of them being eliminated from the competition. Rebecca told Tiffany and Michael that they were safe but the judges needed to see better work from both of them…soon.

Kyera and Allison were the bottom team. When Rebecca named Kyera as the painter going home Allison broke down in tears. Craig told Allison that it was time for her to step it up with her work.

Next week…Miss Skin Wars!

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