People Come Together to Help Evacuees of the Wildfires in Fort McMurray, Alberta

The wildfires in Fort McMurray, Alberta are out of control and people are being evacuated by the thousands.  Currently there are estimates of more than 90,000 people that have been evacuated from their home to escape the blaze.  But where are they going? Who is helping them?

Escaping the fires is just the beginning for most of the people in Fort McMurray.  Many of them have nothing besides the clothes on their backs.  Some do not even have their vehicles.

Grassland, AB is one of the places that evacuees are going to.  There they are given the basics that they need to get by in the next few weeks – shelter, water, food, and fuel.  One of the organizers of the activities in Grassland is Roann Baldry. She’s a teacher and her and her colleagues have managed to put together outreach to help as many as possible.

Baldry tells CBC,

“These are our people. They come through here everyday. We see them on the road everyday and to see them having to leave their homes. So many people. It’s just heartbreaking for us.”

Grassland may be a small community but they are all heart. There is even food for the four-legged evacuees – cats and dogs – that have fled with their families.

Individuals and communities are not the only ones that are offering help.  The military is preparing to aid the areas that need it most.

Global News reports that an official request for help has been made by the province of Alberta and “Canada’s defence minister confirmed that the military has been called in and is preparing to help in whatever way it can.”

Canadian Forces Base Trenton has a Hercules aircraft on stand by and ready to deploy.  They can help evacuate those who are in the most dangerous situation, bring in firefighters, and bring in equipment as needed. There is another Hercules aircraft that is currently in Cold Lake, Alberta and is ready to go.

Many are asking what they can do to help the residents of Fort McMurray. The Edmonton Journal has put together a comprehensive list of resources and organizations that are currently working together to help those who have been evacuated. From helping animals to providing food and shelter, the people of Alberta and people across Canada are working together right now.

On the Fort McMurray Evacuee Open Source Facebook Page, people are offering what they can – a room to sleep in, car seats for children, towing services, supplies for diabetics, clothing, toys and so much more.  Sikh temples are open for shelter and food.

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