Corina, The Preacher, and Blues at the HRC

While some Americans were singing the blues over the approaching deadline for filing their annual income taxes with the IRS, fans of Free Music Fridays at the Niagara Falls Hard Rock Cafe were enjoying a different kind of Blues with a performance by Corina and the Six String Preacher.

Corina and the Six String Preacher

In a performance that was very much like a Jazz Club at 2am in the 1940s and the smooth Jazz music of Lee Ritenour or Larry Carlton with a little of the Carlos Santana attitude, the Preacher Vince shined the focus of the evening on his wife – singer Corina – as she provided some sultry classic tunes and original songs.


After opening the night with “Bang Bang”; Corina and the Six String Preacher played two sets that included the cover songs “Summertime”, “Valerie”, “You Know I’m No Good”, “How High the Moon”, “Bizarre Love Triangle”, “Sweet Dreams”, “Fell in Love with a Girl”, and Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.

The Preacher

The band also featured several of their original songs including “Champagne, Smoke, and Light”, “Forget About Me”, “My Baby Got a Cadi”, “Snowflake”, “Cabin Fever”, “Cheap Perfume”, “Jack Ash”, “Cry Baby”, “A Man I Could Love”, “Honey”, an “439”.

Filled with smooth sounds, soft guitars, and sultry vocals to calm and relax, this Free Music Friday was the perfect end to a hectic week or a break from the tax man.

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