Scottish Elections 2016 Results: SNP Win Third Election, No Majority

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has won its third Scottish Election, but failed to secure a majority. The 2016 Scottish Elections took place on Thursday, and the results announced Friday morning.

Labour suffered the biggest blow with the results, losing 13 seats. People have now blamed Jeremy Corbyn, despite him not having any say in the Scottish Parliament. The Conservative Party made gained, pushing Labour into third, when it has sat in second for so long. This is the best result for the Conservatives in Scotland since 1992. The Green Party beat the Liberal Democrats by coming in fourth. The Liberal Democrats neither lost or gained seats this year.

The SNP failed to win a majority by just two seats, winning 63 out of 129 seats. The Scottish Minister Nicola Sturgeon may have to do a deal with a smaller party to ensure policies are past, and many suspect she will work with the Green Party.

Despite not getting the majority, Sturgeon has said that her party has made history by getting a third victory. However, it is the Conservative Party that the news is focused on, considering the gains the party made despite opinions of the UK Conservative Party. In the UK Government, there is only one Scottish MP for the Conservative Party.

Scotland was not the only country to go to the polls. The Welsh voted for their Assembly again, with Labour winning. UKIP has made advances, winning seven seats. English councils also had voting take place, where UKIP has also gained some seats and come second in many major cities. The results for the Northern Ireland Assembly election will take place on Saturday, as it is a more complex counting system.

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