Multiple charges filed against Maryland shooter

A Maryland man, Eulalio Tordil, who shot and killed his wife and two others and wounding others, was charged with multiple counts of murder by the police in Montgomery County in Maryland. According to a report by The Washington Post on May 7, the Montgomery County police charged 62-year-old Eulalio Tordil with two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of first-degree attempted murder, and another four charges against him for having possession of firearms.

These charges were just in Montgomery County. The report states that he had already been charged with the execution style shooting death of his estranged wife in Prince George County in Maryland. Tordil makes his first court appearance on Monday. He is facing life in prison but he will not get the death penalty because Maryland abolished it back in 2013.

As you may have read in this article, the shootings started on Thursday and he kept his shooting spree up until the police arrested him on Friday.

His wife threatened to leave him and he told her that if she did, he would kill her. She ended up leaving him and while she was sitting in the local high school parking lot, he shot her while she was sitting there waiting on her daughter’s to get out of school. An innocent man ran over to help her and Tordil shot him and wounded him. Then, he turned around and shot his wife until she was dead.

Tordil’s wife, Gladys Tordil decided to leave him because he was abusive to her and her daughter’s. In fact, he abused one daughter during a span of a decade. Gladys had enough of the abuse and filed a protection order against him. In the protection order, she admitted that Tordil had many guns in the home. These guns included a .40 caliber handgun, a .45 caliber handgun, a “hunting gun” and a revolver. Tordil was previously a Security Officer for Homeland Security. However, after his estranged wife filed the protection order against him, he was let go from his job as a Federal Security Officer and was stripped from his badge and his gun.

After Tordil was done with his shooting spree, he went to lunch at the local Boston Market, according to CNN. These shootings and the way he acted by going to get something to eat after killing and wounding these innocent people, were strangely similar to the 2013 sniper shooting in Maryland.

When police finally caught up to Tordil, he got out of the car willingly with his hands up. They found a .40 caliber Glock inside his car. The same gun Tordil used in the shooting spree.

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