Prosecutors Shut Down $180M Fake Psychic Scam

Federal prosecutors in New York said shut down a fake psychic scam on Monday, May 9, 2016. The scam lured $180 million away from gullible Americans.

Two psychics from France (Psychic Maria Duval and Psychic Patrick Guerin), Infogest (a Canadian direct marketing company), and Destiny Research Center Ltd. (from Hong Kong) sent letters to Americans. In these letters, they claimed they could boost people’s chances of inheriting money or even winning the lottery. Unfortunately, one million Americans took the bait and bought various products and services meant to ensure them of achieving this “foreseen” good fortune.

U.S. Attorney Robert Capers said the goal of these psychics and the companies involved was “to line their own pockets.” As such, they “preyed on the superstition and desperation of millions of vulnerable Americans.” He then continued on to say that the government “will use every means at our disposal to protect our citizens from fraudulent schemes like this that target the lonely, the ill and the elderly.”

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