Molecular Scanner That Scans Food, Medicines and More


Imagine if you could use a small scanner, and your smartphone to get all kinds of information about food, medicines and supplements and the health of well-known plants. While it sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, but within the next couple of years, it should be possible with a small molecular sensor called SCiO.

Designed by Israeli startup Consumer Physics, this pocket-sized gadget checks the chemical makeup of any substance and sends the information to the mobile app DietSensor on your smartphone.

What Can it Do?

At the moment, SCiO can only analyze foods with similar textures or homogenous foods. For example, you can scan a piece of pork, chicken, bread or cheese and it will give you the nutritional information. However, you can’t scan a plate of pasta, slice of pizza or whole sandwich yet.

SCiO can also scan food barcodes and record the nutritional information of individual ingredients. It can also identify capsules containing supplements and medications and the moisture level of some common plants. After it’s released, new apps will be developed and released that will allow you to scan and get information from more items.

Dror Sharon, the CEO of Consumer Physics said that they “designed SCiO to empower explorers everywhere with new knowledge and to encourage them to join our mission of mapping the physical world.:

SCiO Learns as it’s Used

Every time a user scans something with Scio, they are helping build a database of information about the world around us. As the community of users increases, the more data the device will have about various materials, and that data is passed on to the user community.

The DietSensor App

The first app designed to work with SCiO, DietSensor is one of CES 2016’s Innovation Award honorees in the Software and Mobile App category. Co-founder and CEO Remy Bonnasse said that “the app is the next generation in nutrition and diet mobile apps.” and that “this will do all the heavy calculation for you. You don’t have to think.” This app works via Bluetooth and is currently being used by doctors and nutritionists to create tailor made diet plans for patients.

If you’re interested, the SCiO scanner is available for preorder for $249 with an expected shipment date of October 2016. At the moment, the DietSensor app is free to download but will soon cost $10 a month.


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