A Rocking Surprise at Niagara Falls HRC

Two things everyone knows about the Hard Rock Cafe is that the walls will be filled with photos and memorabilia and that there is always music playing.

But sometimes guest are treated to a surprise of a unscheduled live event.

Audiowolf (2)

Such was the case on May 10 when visitors to the Niagara Falls Hard Rock Cafe found a surprise performance by Audiowolf and Lord Bishop Rocks turned a night off into a night of music. Hailing from Germany, the bands are on an American tour and made a stop in Niagara Falls.

Audiowolf took the stage first with some good old fashioned rock and roll. Performing a short set of only five songs, the band performed “Throne of Stone”, “We are Monsters”, “Havana”, “In the Middle of Nowhere”, and “The Beast Within”.

Lord Bishop Rocks

Performing what he called Jimi Hendrix meets James Brown meets Motorhead; Lord Bishop Rocks took the stage and true to his name rocked the house with a mix of original songs and cover tunes.

Lord Bishop Rocks 2

Playing two sets Lord Bishop’s performance included “Jam of Love”, “Senator Groove”, “Freedom”, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Revolution”, “Moonlight Serenade”, “All Along the Waterfront”, ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door”, “Loss of Luck”, “Whole Lotta Love”, “What are We Fighting For”, “My Sons”, “Preacher Man”, “Mama Said”, “Cocaine”, “Sweet Home Alabama”, and “Voodoo Child”.

The Hard Rock Cafe lived up to its name with an awesome performance by some incredible musicians whose musicianship ranks with the artists they performed.

The night was a musical surprise that was most pleasant and thrilling for all who were lucky enough to be on hand to witness the event.

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