Horoscope for Wednesday, May 19

The way in which the planets are positioned today will make it easy for you to express your thoughts, feelings and emotions. In fact, you may even enjoy making such expressions. Regardless, you’ll have no problem explaining your feelings or what you’re going through because your interactions won’t be dry and indifferent. Be careful though or else you may feel some of your relationships becoming spoiled by the end of the day.


Today is the day to simply be yourself. Your natural qualities (e.g. courage, openness, integrity, determination and charisma) are in great demand.


You’ll benefit from being active today as this (along with your aggression and impatience) are going to surface today. Moderate physical activity will help you balance the different sides of your nature.


This is a great day for trying something new. You don’t want to make this a huge thing, just something small. In doing so you’ll see an unexpected turn in events. Avoid tasks that require profoundness, conservative thinking and a lot of focus.


Don’t sit idle, but also don’t expect great success today. Enjoy the process of those things you undertake without paying much attention to its final result right now.


Although circumstances are favorable, you won’t feel free to act on this energy due to inner barriers. So, try to find an unusual way to apply your energy today.


Don’t pay attention to your partner’s luring persona today. You also shouldn’t do work that requires a delicate psychological approach. Instead, focus on those tasks that require your doing at your own risk.


Wednesday 18 MayPeople are both annoyed and attracted to you because you’re courageous, active, direct, and yet you’re also a little naïve. Unfortunately, you won’t determine how your relationships will go. Once you realize this, things will greatly improve.


It’s important to impose some limitations on your emotions and focus solely on work alone. Even with your relationships you should leave yourself open for now.


You’ll want to be active throughout the day. If you have kids, competitive games will be a high success today. There are also some tasks that will test your responses and stimulate everyone involved, especially if immediate rewards are available.


This is a good day for handling routine tasks. If you’re stimulated to do these things, don’t put them off any longer or else you may find yourself quickly losing your feelings of enthusiasm. Regardless what you do, be sincere in dealing with the people around you, especially your family.


Today is a great day to enjoy a short trip or even a walk. Your juices will start to flow when you find yourself arguing with someone else. It won’t be a true battle, but the impact of a past argument will impact your relationships.


Today you won’t be able to hide someplace quiet, enjoy your dreams, and be truly happy. You’ll have plenty of reasons to focus on urgent tasks instead.

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