How to Live Tweet During the Bachelor and Bachelorette Shows

Are you one of the millions of fans who gets excited whenever The Bachelor, Bachelorette or Bachelor in Paradise are about to be broadcast?  Would you love to share your opinion of the different cast members, and find out what other people around the country think about each episode … as it is going on?

Bachelorette-JoJo-Men - How to Live Tweet During the Bachelor and Bachelorette Shows

Live Tweeting during an episode of “The Bachelor” or “Bachelorette” makes the shows a lot more fun to watch. It’s like being at a party with other fans! (

The best way to stay in touch with other fans, express your opinions, and learn what other people are saying is to “Live Tweet” with them during the shows.

How can you Live Tweet?  If you do not already belong to Twitter, go to and set up an account.  Then, you will want to follow the official Twitter accounts for The Bachelor shows, as well as other Twitter fans of The Bachelor. When you do that, you will get a chance to learn all sorts of facts about the show before it airs.  Here’s an example of one that includes a link to a list of all the bachelors who are competing for the heart of JoJo Fletcher, the 2016 Bachelorette.

Below is a list of The Bachelor related accounts that you will want to follow before, after and during the shows:








Here is another example of the type of Tweets you will expect to find on your feed when you follow those accounts:

Once you have signed up for Twitter and started following the above accounts, you will almost immediately see Tweets from other fans or cast members who you may want to follow.  Soon, you will have built up a nice collection of other people who are following the shows and Tweeting out their thoughts.

Your next step is to share your opinions, too! 

How do you do let other fans know what you think?

Write short comments about the show, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, the cast members, the dates, or anything else related to the show. Your entire Tweet can only be 140 characters long and you will want to leave room for hashtags at the end of each one (#…) so that your Tweets can easily be found by other fans … who will see what you had to say and might respond.  If you keep your Tweets to only about 115 to 120 characters, including the hashtags, you might even discover that other fans will re-Tweet what you have to say!

Below are some of the hashtags to use when you Tweet out your comments:




Hashtags help people who are interested in the same topics find each other.  You can use the search box at the top of your Twitter page to search for any recent Tweets that have included those hashtags.

Look for Celebrity Tweets!

Sometimes, TV Guide and other publications turn their official Twitter accounts over to celebrities who will Tweet out their thoughts during the shows.  For example, during the premier of the 2016 Bachelorette with JoJo Fletcher, talk show host Jenny McCarthy and her husband, actor Donnie Wahlberg, will be Tweeting out their thoughts.  You can follow what they have to say at:




Have fun communicating with other fans of The Bachelor and Bachelorette on Twitter … especially Live Tweeting your thoughts during the show!

The coming season of The Bachelor with Nick Viall starts January 2, 2017 on ABC at 8:00 (7:00 Central).  There is bound to be plenty of romance, excitement and tears!

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