Finals Night on “Dancing with the Stars”

Dancing with the Stars” has reached the final week of season 22 and only three couples remain to battle it out for the Mirror Ball Trophy.

In a two night finale event Ginger and Val, Nyle and Peta, and Paige and Mark will show off their stuff in the no rules Freestyle and a “redemption routine” – same dance but with new music and dance steps.


Host Tom Bergeron noted that the three couples are separated by only three percent.

First up was Ginger and Val with a Contemporary routine. Stories came out over the weekend that Ginger injured her back during the week. Len said that the improvement from week three was amazing; adding the dance had more fluidity and the lifts complemented the routine. Bruno said the dance showed how Ginger has blossomed and her lines were much better. Carrie Ann noted that Ginger’s core was much better and she was impressed with the strategy of showing off the best moves from the season. Ginger and Val scored 28 points for their dance.

Next up was Nyle and Peta with a cowboy themed Quickstep but without the mask this time. Host Tom Bergeron told Nyle he did a great job. Bruno noted that Nyle messed up just a wee bit but the dance was like an exhilarating ride on the pony express; adding that it had so much content and exuberance. Bruno called the dance fabulous. Calling it such a great dance, Carrie Ann said the dance was fun, carefree, and flowing. Noting that the dance was a bit hectic in places, Len called Nyle, “one heck of a dancer.” Tom asked about the nerves and Nyle said that there were nerves but it was fun at the same time. Nyle and Peta scored 27 points for their dance.

Paige and Mark dance a Salsa – the dance that Mark missed due to a back injury. He plans on including the move that got him injured the first time. An excited Carrie Ann compared Paige to a meteor shower reigning down; adding she gave an A+ effort. While Len loved the performance and said that the choreography was fantastic, he noted that the dance did not have enough hip action for a Salsa. Saying, “goodness gracious great balls of fire,” Bruno said that Paige out danced Mark. Paige and Mark scored 29 points for their dance.

First up in the Freestyle round was Ginger and Val who paid tribute to Fred and Ginger with a classic Hollywood era dance. Tom called the dance pure joy. Len said that Ginger showed her versatility; adding the dance was fun and effervescent. Bruno adored the dance; adding that they brought the legacy of Fred and Ginger back to life. Carrie Ann noted that Ginger shines the brightest in hold; adding that kind of dance was what the show was founded on. Carrie Ann called Ginger a classy, elegant, and sophisticated lady. Ginger and Val scored a perfect 30 point for their dance.

Next up is Nyle and Peta with their Freestyle dance. Before going to a commercial break, Tom noted that is the dance was anything like the dress rehearsal, it would be a hot time in the Ballroom. Wanting to tell a story with their dance, Peta brought in Talia to help choreograph a Contemporary dance to the “Sound of Silence” that was about being deaf and living. Tom said it would be a hot time in the Ballroom, what it was was profound and emotional. Nyle’s mom was in tears; as were Carrie Ann and even Bruno. Bruno called the dance a work of art that gave him chills; adding that the dance was stunning. Carrie Ann said that in 22 season of being on the show, it was the best dance she had ever seen. Len said that was a dance for everyone; adding that Nyle is a very special person…and a very special dancer. Erin asked Peta about working with Nyle and she said that it was unlike any journey she had ever been on. Nyle said that dance was about the meaning behind the dance; noting that people hear them but don’t listen to what they are saying. Nyle and Peta scored 30 points for their dance. Erin thanked Peta for coming to the show. Erin thanked Nyle for coming on the show.

Paige and Mark finish out the night of dances with a Contemporary dance to a live performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Mark’s finacee. At the end of the dance Mark was in tears. Saying that the Freestyle dances have tonight have blown her mind, Carrie Ann said that Paige finishes every line and shows them how dance feels. Len said that he was honoured to have seen three different and fantastic Freesyles dances tonight. A tearful Bruno called the dance exquisite. In no surprise, Paige and Mark scored 30 points for their dance.

Redemption Round scores:
Nyle and Peta – 27
Ginger and Val – 28
Paige and Mark – 29

Freestyle scores:
Ginger and Val – 30
Nyle and Peta – 30
Paige and Mark – 30

Total scores:
Nyle and Peta – 27 + 30 = 57
Ginger and Val – 28 + 30 = 58
Paige and Mark – 29 + 30 = 59

On Tuesday a new winner will be crowned in a two hour extravaganza of performances and music.

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