Kanye West Faces Plagiarism Suit

Hip-Hop music artist Kanye West is the latest musician to face copyright issues when Hungarian artist Gabor Presser alleges that West “stole” his song “Gyongyhaju Lany” (Pearls in Her Hair) – a pop song that is loved throughout Hungary and Eastern Europe.

Presser has filed a $2.5 million dollar suit against West saying that his song “New Slaves” from the 2013 album “Yeezus” uses his song in at least one third of the song.

Presser said that he wrote “Gyongyhaju Lany” in 1969 while with the band Omega.

Presser writes in his suit that West’s lawyers knew about the “sampling” when they sent an email requesting an agreement for licensing – which Presser did not answer – and later sent a $10,000 check for the use of the song but Presser never cashed the check saying that he had concerns about the alleged agreement over the use of the song.

In his suit Presser says that West “knowingly and intentionally misappropriated the composition,” adding; “ that after the “theft” was discovered, that West refused to deal fairly with him.

There has been no comment from West or his people.

This is not the first time West has had to face legal issues over songs from his “Yeezus” album. Last year Ricky Spicer filed a suit over the use of his vocals on the song “Bound 2”

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