Murderer Confesses Crime to Psychic

Clairvoyant, Jayne Braiden was conducting a Tarot reading in East Sussex for Star Randel Hanson when he confessed to killing his housemate. This occurred when the psychic chose the “death,” “justice,” and “devil” Tarot cards. However, the police thought it was all a hoax and thus Braiden had to wait for four hours for them to arrive. Upon seeing these cards she simply told Randel-Hudson he needed to tell her everything when he simply broke down and confessed everything right there in front of her.

The first card she drew was the tower, which meant he’d had a very serious argument with someone. After that, she drew the Emperor, which represents a dominant male. Then, finally, she drew the devil, which means something truly awful has occurred. At that point Braiden told him, “I can see this isn’t good, you need to tell me everything, let’s talk.” At which point, he told her about everything that had happened.

Derick Marney was Randel-Hanson’s housemate, which he’d murdered. According to Braiden, he reached out to her from the grave, helping the police locate his body, which had been laying on the kitchen floor for 10 days.

Braiden had calmly told Randel-Hanson she’d have to tell the police. Unfortunately, they didn’t believe her and so they didn’t consider the situation an emergency. Thus, it took them an hour to arrive.

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